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Welcome to the Singapore Visa Online Affiliate Program, your gateway to earning attractive commissions by promoting our streamlined eVisa services. Our program is designed to support our affiliates every step of the way offering:

Competitive Commission Rates

Earn an attractive 8% commission on every successful referral. Our clear and straightforward payout structure guarantees that your hard work is rewarded, ensuring lucrative returns for your efforts.

365-Day Cookie Duration

Maximize your earning potential with our extended cookie life, allowing you to earn commissions on referrals made within a year of the initial visit.

Monthly Payouts

Enjoy the convenience of regular, monthly affiliate payouts. We ensure you receive your earnings promptly, every month with no minimum limit.

Effortless Onboarding

Getting started is simple. Sign up to receive your unique affiliate link and gain immediate access to our range of marketing materials in the APC (Affiliate Partner Center) portal.

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Singapore Visa Online simplifies the process of obtaining Singapore eVisa with a user-friendly online application service. We provide expert assistance in securing travel visas, ensuring a hassle-free experience for travelers around the globe. With our efficient and reliable service, getting Singapore visa is just a few clicks away, letting our travelers focus on planning their trip, not on paperwork.

Our Affiliate Program is crafted to ensure ease of use and maximum profitability. With just a few clicks to sign up, you’ll find everything you need to succeed in the APC portal—from banners and text links to comprehensive tracking tools. Join us today and start turning clicks into cash with Singapore Visa Online!


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Frequently asked questions

You will earn an 8% commission per referral. Please refer to the terms and conditions or the affiliate agreement for specific details on commission rates.
The duration of the Cookie is 365 days, meaning that if a user clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase within that timeframe, you'll still receive credit for the referral.
You can expect to receive payment during the first week of every month. Please review the payment terms outlined in the affiliate agreement for precise information.
Payments will be disbursed to either your PayPal account or bank account. Ensure that your preferred payment method is correctly set up in your affiliate account to receive payments smoothly.

You can click this link to singup for the affiliate portal. Follow the instructions provided to complete the signup process.

Sharing your affiliate link on social media or your blog is simple. Once you've signed up for the affiliate program and received your unique affiliate link, you can incorporate it into your posts, articles, or social media content. Ensure you comply with any guidelines or restrictions outlined in the affiliate agreement, and always disclose your affiliate relationships transparently to your audience.

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