Terms and Conditions

Must read and agreed before you apply for Singapore Tourist Visa

  1. ICA may ask for additional documents during review. If they ask any documents we will request you to submit those papers to us so we can share with ICA as soon as we get it. This kind of case may require some extra time as well.
  2. Your Visa status will be emailed to you once it gets approved or disapproved. Also you may check your visa status by contact with us.
  3. No reason or justification will be given in case of rejection of VISA Application. This is a ruling by ICA Singapore and there will be no exceptions.
  4. In case of rejection of your VISA Application, there will be NO REFUND of application fee or any other fees that you may have paid.
  5. Sometimes ICA Singapore will take longer than normal time to process a VISA application and no reason or justification is given in that case, neither ICA will entertain any calls to speed up their review process. Length of time taken for VISA approval varies depending on:
    1. Volume of applications and/or approvals at the time of application.
    2. Ease of carrying out your background check by ICA officers.
    3. Particulars discovered during ICA background check.
  6. I declare that the particulars and documents furnished in respect of this application are true and correct.
  7. I undertake not to misuse controlled drugs or to take part in any political or other activities during my stay in Singapore which would make me an undesirable or prohibited immigrant under the Immigration Act.
  8. I undertake to comply with the provisions of the Immigration Act and any regulations made thereunder or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force in Singapore.
  9. I undertake not to involve in any criminal offences in Singapore.
  10. I undertake not to indulge in any activities which are inconsistent with the purpose for which the immigration passes have been issued
  11. I further undertake not to be engaged in any form of employment, business or occupation whilst in Singapore without a valid work pass issued under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act ( Cap. 91A ).
  12. I am aware that overstaying or working illegally in Singapore is a serious offence and on conviction, the penalties may include mandatory imprisonment and caning.
  13. I understand that if the Controller of Immigration is satisfied that I or any member of my family breaches this undertaking or becomes an undesirable or prohibited immigrant, he will cancel my immigration passes and the passes of the members of my family, and we may be required to leave Singapore within 24 hours of such cancellation.
  14. I understand that this application for and possession of a visa does not guarantee entry into Singapore and permission to enter is entirely discretionary at the point of entry.
  15. I give my consent for your department to obtain and verify information from or with any source as you deem appropriate for the assessment of my application for immigration facilities.