Singapore Embassy in Holy See

Information About the Singapore Embassy in Holy See

The Singapore Embassy in the Holy See provides consular and immigration services to Singaporean citizens and residents of the Holy See. The Embassy is the link between the two countries. Trade, investment, tourism, and exchange programs are handled through the Embassy. Any Singaporean seeking legal assistance can contact the Embassy for advice. At the same time, residents of Holy See can contact the embassy for immigration and visa matters.

Republic of Singapore Embassy in Holy See


Holy See


Holy See

Mission Type


Ambassador (Non-Resident)

Ms Janet ANG Guat Har


c/o Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tanglin Singapore 248163




65-63798000 (MFA)

Emergency Tel (after hours)

65 63798000 (MFA)



Local Emergency Contacts
Other Information

For visa & general enquiries, please write to [email protected]. Please note that the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is the authority responsible for visa matters. Please visit the Visa Information page ( for more details.

Singaporean Representations in Neighboring Countries

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Holy See have embassy?

The answer is yes, Holy See has embassies. However, all the embassies and consulates are located in Rome. 

How many embassies are there in Vatican City?

There are 26 embassies and 2 consulates located in the Vatican City. 

Who is Singapore's non-resident ambassador to the Holy See?

Ms Janet ANG Guat Har is the nonresident ambassador of Singapore to the Holy See.

What is the Holy See diplomatic Service?

The Holy See’s primary goal is to defend the interests, rights, and followers of the Catholic Church. As a result, their diplomacy is qualified as ecclesiastical diplomacy, meaning its diplomacy is related to the Catholic Church and its clergy.

What is a Vatican ambassador called?

The Vatican ambassador who deals with the civil government is called a Nuncio.

Who owns the Holy See?

The Holy See is the body of the Roman Court or Catholic Church.

How many countries have diplomatic relations with the Holy See?

The Holy See has diplomatic relations with 182 countries.

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