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Singapore Visa Online is not affiliated with the Government or ICA. We offer valuable services to assist applicants with visa processing and related services.

If you apply on this website, you don’t have to take the extra hassle of possessing a Letter of Invitation (LOI), air ticket, hotel booking, or tour packages.

Depends on your nationality and the choice of your package.

Must do before traveling to Singapore

Don't forget to submit your Singapore Arrival Card. All nationalities must apply for an arrival card at least three days before the flight.

Your Singapore Tourist Visa application process works in 3 easy steps


Apply singapore visa online

Fill up the online Singapore visa application form with your details like Full name, Nationality, and Address and upload your Photo & Passport.


Complete the payment

After filling up the form, submit your Singapore visa fees through your preferred payment method; we accept all major credit and debit cards like Visa, Master cards, etc. 


Get approval letter

After completing the payment, you will receive your Singapore visa Approval letter within few business days, depending on your selected visa service. Once you get the approval letter, you are ready to fly to Singapore.

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You can submit your application form instantly and get your Singapore visa approved in just 48 to 72 hours with our premium visa service. You don’t have to go to the embassy to submit your documents or interview. We will also arrange the Letter of Invitation (LOI) and all other related documents.

All your data and transaction will be encrypted with 128-bit SSL.

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Singapore Tourism Board has launched its newest campaign, ‘Made in Singapore’ in the UK, to attract tourists, giving them an ‘Unreal’ experience. Showcasing all the attractions in Singapore, which are AI-generated, bringing in a different type of show for the Brits. The campaign aims to introduce British citizens to an extraordinary side of Singapore. Although the places are the same, they are generated with the aim of examining if Brits can tell the difference between real and AI-generated imagery of ...
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