Singapore Visa for Russian Citizens

Apply visa to Singapore from Russia

Since the Singapore authority has announced its online visa application program, Russian citizens can now easily apply for a Singapore visa from anywhere without visiting the embassy. The online visa application procedure is a simplified way to get a Singapore visa for Russian in a few days only. 

For a shorter stay, Russian citizens can use Singapore eVisa for tourism and business purposes. However, a Singapore visa for Russian has a few basic requirements to fill up. Once you have the required documents ready, You can complete the application online in 5-7 minutes.

Benefits of Online Singapore Visa for Russian Citizens

It’s Convenient 
Russians can apply for a Singapore visa online anytime and from anywhere. No need to make an appointment or visit a consulate or embassy in person. 

Online Application
With Singapore visa online system, the entire visa process can be completed online in just a few minutes. 

Singapore online visa is generally cheaper than a traditional visa, as the application is completed online, and there is no need to send any documents by mail. There’s no need to go embassy for verification and approval also. 

Faster than sticker Visa
Singapore eVisa is 3 times faster than a traditional sticker visa from the embassy. Russians can get their eVisa in just 2 to 4 working days depending on your package.

24×7 Support
The Singapore visa also offers 24/7 customer support, so applicants can get help if they have questions about the application process.

Russian Citizens can apply for a Singapore visa online in the two packages below

All governmental, Visa processing, and submission fees are included in the Singapore Visa application fees.

Once we process your application, Your Singapore eVisa will be sent to your email. You can also download the eVisa from your account. Please note that you are not required to have any sticker visa on your passport. Simply download the eVisa, print it, and show it at the immigration point in Singapore.

Requirements of Singapore Visa for Russian Citizens

  • The applicant must be a Russian citizen with a Valid passport.
    • The passport must be valid for at least Six (6) months from the intended date of arrival in Singapore.
    • Your passport must have a blank page at least for stamping
    • You will be asked to upload your passport’s information page (Scanned Copy) while filling out the online application.
    • See the Passport Example here.
  • In the case of a Minor/child’s application, Russian parents are required to apply for a separate visa whether the child has a passport or not.
    • The visa must be endorsed on the parent’s passport if the child has no passport. The parent’s passport must also need to specify the child’s details.
  • Russian citizens are required to upload a recent passport-size colored photograph while applying.
    • The term ‘Recent’ indicates that the photo was taken at least within three (3) months from now
    • The photograph needs to be colored with no distracting background or contain objects such as people, cars, etc.
      The background should have a white background with a matte or semi-matte finish
    • The photograph must show all facial elements with no headgear (The wearing of headgear may acceptable if it’s not hiding any facial features).
    • See Photo Example here.
  • Russian citizens are required to attach inbound/outbound travel tickets while applying for Singapore eVisa.
  • You are also required to provide a Hotel booking confirmation receipt (Minimum 3 stars). Please note that the Singapore authority doesn’t accept any Airbnb bookings. If you are planning to stay in any friend’s/relatives place in Singapore, then you are required to submit the person’s Singapore visa copy (If foreigner) or Singapore passport/ ID copy along with a utility bill copy under their name.

Additional Requirements of Singapore Visa for Russians

On a few occasions, Russian citizens may require to provide some additional information for the Singapore Visa. Our Visa experience manager will contact you for these additional documents via email. These documents are

  • Financial proof of stability (Can be a bank statement) to ensure your trip’s expenses are covered.
  • If the Russian applicant is a job holder, then an employment letter stating the dates of employment, position, and remuneration/m.
  • If the applicant is a Student, then a Student ID card must be issued by an educational institute.
  • If a couple applies, a marriage certificate and a spouse’s passport are needed.

Processing Time of Singapore Visa for Russian Tourists

Russian citizens can apply for Singapore Visa in two different processing packages. If you are in a hurry, we suggest you take express processing, which takes only 2 working days to process the Visa. In regular processing, the time is approximately 3-4 working days. However, Visa processing time depends on the applicant’s profile and the additional documents if needed. Russian citizens are advised to apply at least (3) weeks before the intended date of arrival in Singapore.

Vaccination Requirements of Singapore Visa for Russians

Singapore health ministry has announced safety regulations which include all Russian nationals applying for a Singapore visa must provide vaccination proof against Covid-19 and yellow fever (If the applicant has been in Africa or Latin America recently)

Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements
Singapore has announced that Russian children born after 2010 are exempt from COVID-19 border measures, which means no vaccinations or limitations on travel.

However, If you are a Russian citizen born between 2009 and before, You are required to provide Vaccination certificates to enter the country. If the applicant can provide proof of vaccination, there’s no need for testing or quarantine.

Approved Vaccinations by Singapore Health Ministry,

  • One dose of CanSinoBIO/Convidecia or Janssen/J&J vaccine; OR
  • Two doses of AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Moderna/Spikevax, or Covishield vaccine administered at least 24 days apart; OR
  • Two doses of Novavax/Covovax/Nuvaxovid, Pfizer/BioNTech/COMIRNATY, or Sinopharm vaccine, administered at least 17 days apart; OR
  • Two doses of the Sinovac vaccine are administered 13 days apart; OR
  • A mixture of any two doses of vaccines listed in points 1-4, administered at least 17 days apart; OR
  • Any of the vaccination combinations listed in points 1-5 and subsequently recovered from COVID-19; OR
  • At least one dose of any WHO EUL-approved vaccines listed in points 1-4, taken at least 28 days after a COVID-19-positive diagnosis

Vaccination Certificates,

  • The vaccination certificate paper must include personal identification details similar to the Russian passport’s information.
  • A vaccination certificate must be issued and approved by the Russian Government.
  • A digital vaccination app is accepted only if it states the approved vaccination doses taken.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements

  • Russian nationals who have been in Africa or Latin America (identified by WHO as being at risk for Yellow Fever ) recently within six days before arriving in Singapore, then they must provide a vaccination certificate against yellow fever.
  • If there’s no Vaccination certificate, then a six (06) days quarantine period on arrival is mandatory.

Post-Arrival Singapore Visa Requirements for Russians

  • Citizens of Russia or any other country are not permitted to bring any prohibited items to Singapore. If such items are found in possession at the Singapore Airport or any other entry point, the person may be denied entry.
  • With Singapore visa, you are advised not to get involved in any employment activities as it’s a punishable offense.
  • You are advised to keep sufficient cash to cover the expenses in Singapore. Check the Daily Cost in Singapore when you are travelling this beautiful city.
  • You are advised not to exceed your stay in Singapore, as overstaying is a crime.
  • Singapore still has pandemic measures, including wearing masks and following recovery protocols. You are advised to follow the protocols from the landing till departure.


According to Singapore visa policy and requirements, Russian nationals are required to have a Singapore visa to enter the country. You can apply for a Singapore visa online which doesn’t require you to go to any Singapore diplomatic embassy at all. The entire application and approval process is online and hassle free.

Click on "Apply now" button above and fill up the application form. Upload the required, documents, and pay the service fees. Once the application is approved, You can download the Evisa from your account. You have to print it and show it at the immigration point to get to Singapore.

Anyone from Russia can apply for a Singapore visa online. All you have to do is meet the requirements in the visa application. The general Singapore visa requirements for Russians are A valid passport, A recent photograph, Travel tickets, and Hotel booking.

Singapore visa for Russians is valid for 30 days from the entry date in Singapore. Make sure you exceed the country on time as overstaying is a punishable offence in Singapore.

With the express visa facilities, Russians can receive the Singapore visa only for $130 and the regular visa cost is $80.

In express processing, Russian applicants get the Singapore online visa in 2 working days. However, it takes up to 4 days to get the visa in regular processing. Processing time also depends on the successful submission of the required papers and additional needs. We advise Russian nationals to apply at least three (3) weeks before the intended date of travel.

At present days, There’s no restriction of traveling to Singapore for Russian nationals. Only if you have visited the yellow fever affected countries, then you are required to have a vaccination certificate. A covid-19 vaccination certificate is also needed to avoid the quarantine in Singapore.

According to the Singapore travel policy, all travelers who are arriving in Singapore, by road/water/air are required to apply for an arrival card before arriving in Singapore. SG Arrival card is an online application that requires few basic travel and personal information such as your name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, last visited places, the purpose of visit, and a few consents. SG arrival card is a mandatory requirement for all travelers despite of their nationality.

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