Singapore Visa Photo Requirements and Guidelines

The Singapore embassy always has stringent and well-defined guidelines about the Singapore visa photo requirements that you submit with your evisa application. Your photo must meet the ICA’s requirements, and a new photograph must be submitted every time you apply for a Singapore eVisa.

Please read this document carefully before submitting your photo

Can I use my phone to take the photo for my Singapore eVisa application?

Yes, you can, but it’s recommended that you download specific mobile apps built to take photos for visa applications, passports, or ID cards. These photos are typically based on a specification by the international standard organization (ISO), and these apps come with all the features and dimensions you need for your visa application. You can search this app on your android Play store or Apple app store. 

We recommend:

  • Passport Size photo make
  • Passport photo ID maker studio

You can also use any image editor on your phone or computer to resize the image. 

Please note that you are not allowed to do any picture modifications like applying filters or facial changes with the editing app.

Can I take a selfie and use it for my visa application?

We DO NOT recommend taking a selfie and using it for your visa application because it usually does not meet our guidelines. We recommend you ask someone to take the photo for you, but before that, please check the photo guidelines below. 

What is the ideal size for the photo?

The recommended size is 400px x 514px.  

Its recommended to follow this Singapore visa photo requirements guideline

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