Documents required for Singapore visa

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore, it’s important to make sure you have all the required documents before applying for a visa. You will also need to be required to obtain an SG Arrival Card before entering the city-state. This card acts as your health declaration during your travel.

Passport requirements for Singapore Visa

You should check your passport validity before arriving in Singapore. Your travel documents must be valid for at least 6 months after the date you plan on exiting and entering our country, so it’s important to renew or replace them ahead of time if needed! You will also need a blank passport page for the visa stamp. Once you have the passport ready, You need to scan it for a digital copy for your eVisa application. Make sure to scan the cover page as well.

Photo requirements for Singapore Visa

You will need a recent passport-sized photograph to apply for the eVisa application. The photograph must meet the following requirements

Additional Documents that may require for Singapore Visa

When entering Singapore, foreign citizens may sometimes need additional documents depending on their specific circumstances.

These additional documents are not necessary to prepare or submit always. ICA may ask for it depending on the applicant’s profile. This will depend mainly upon the ICA visa regulations and travel plans for that particular person’s visit.

Additional documents can be

Singapore Arrival Card

The Singaporean government has announced that passengers traveling to their country must submit health and recent travel information using the SG Arrival Card application. This is an entry requirement for COVID-19 and acts as your health declaration to Singapore government. You must fill in the Singapore tourist arrival card three days before your visit. Make sure to provide the information correctly else, there might be a fine or imprisonment. The fine can be as high as $10000 – 20000, plus six months of prison time!

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