Singapore Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Apply for Singapore Visit Visa from Pakistan

If you hold a Pakistani Passport, you are eligible for Singapore eVisa. You can apply for the visa via your smartphone or computer.

No more hassles of visiting the embassy or consulate. The online application process is super quick. Within just 6 to 8* working days, you’ll receive your Singapore eVisa.

The Singapore visa for Pakistani citizens is valid for 29 consecutive days from the date of entry, whether you are going for a vacation or a business trip.

You can apply for a Singapore eVisa for single entry or double entries through our Premium and Standard processing services.

*If you choose Standard processing, it’ll take around 10 to 12 business days. If you go for Premium processing, you’ll get your visa in just 6 to 8 business days. But remember, these time frames don’t count holidays, weekends, or the day you applied for the visa.

Benefits of Singapore Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Multiple Purposes

With Singapore eVisa you can enter and travel in Singapore for business or tourism purposes.

Online Application Submission

Singapore visa online application process is quick and easy and can be completed entirely online.

Less Expensive

Applying for online visa is significantly less expensive, making it a more affordable option for Pakistani travelers.

Online Visa Status Tracking

Pakistani nationals can track their Singapore visa status from their account. Once the visa is approved, you will be notified via email and download it easily from your account portal.

Receive Your Visa by Email

Once your visa gets approved, you'll instantly receive it in your email inbox. After that, simply print it out, and you're all set to go.

Singapore Visa Fee for Pakistani Citizens

Premium Processing (Single Entry Visa)

Estimated at 6-8 working days for completion
160 USD

Premium Processing (Double Entry Visa)

Estimated at 6-8 working days for completion
170 USD

Standard Processing (Single Entry Visa)

Estimated at 10-12 working days for completion
120 USD

Standard Processing (Double Entry Visa)

Estimated at 10-12 working days for completion
130 USD
All Packages are eligible for

Upon visa approval, we will promptly email it to the address provided in your application—no passport stickers required.

Once your visa is approved, download and print the eVisa or save it on your phone to present either the soft or printed copy at the Singapore immigration checkpoint.

Singapore eVisa Requirements for Pakistani

Passport Requirement

  • Valid Pakistani Passport: Make sure you are holding a Pakistani passport and its valid.
  • Passport Expiry: Your passport should remain valid for at least six months after your planned arrival date in Singapore.
  • Passport Copy: When applying for a visa, you’ll need to upload a digital copy of your passport’s main page. You can check out an example for reference.
  • Child Visa: If you’re traveling with a child, they must have their own visa.


Photo Requirements

  • Passport Size: A current passport-sized color photo must be uploaded to the application form.
  • Recent Photo: The picture should have been taken within the last three months.
  • White Background: Make sure the background behind you in the photo is plain white.
  • Clear Face: Your whole face should be visible, and unless it’s for religious reasons, avoid covering your face with any headwear. For reference, you can check out the provided photo examples to see what’s acceptable.


Travel Requirements

  • Travel Tickets: You’ll need proof of your travel plans for both coming to and leaving Singapore. If you don’t have them yet, we can help you get them.
  • Accommodation Booking: Your visa application requires a confirmed hotel reservation in Singapore.
  • SG Arrival Card: Once your visa is approved, don’t forget to fill out the SG Arrival Card. Everyone needs it, regardless of where you’re from. When you arrive in Singapore, make sure to have it ready along with your eVisa.

Additional Visa Requirements

In certain situations, immigration might need more documents from you based on your application. If they do, We will reach out to you directly, explain what’s needed, and help you through the process.

Processing Time of Singapore eVisa

If you choose Premium processing, you can get your Singapore eVisa in just 6 to 8 working days. But if you go with Standard processing, it takes about 10 to 12 working days (not counting weekends, holidays, or the day you send it).

It’s a good idea to apply at least 2 weeks before your planned travel date. That way, you can avoid any problems. Also, double-check that all your information and documents are correct before you apply for the visa.


Yes, Pakistani citizens are required to get a visa before arriving in Singapore.

The easiest way to get a Singapore visit visa is to apply online. The eVisa application takes only few minutes to complete and you can get the visa delivered to your email in just a few days.

The price of a Singapore visa for Pakistani nationals can vary due to immigration rules and updates. To stay informed about the current cost, we recommend checking this page regularly.

For Pakistani applicants, It takes 6-8 working days to get the eVisa in Premium processing. In Standard processing it takes 10 to 12 working days.

If you meet all the requirements correctly, getting a Singapore eVisa is a straightforward process, and you can typically receive it in just a couple of days.

Pakistani tourists can enjoy a continuous 29-day stay in Singapore starting from the day they enter the country with the Singapore eVisa.

Pakistani nationals and visitors from any other country who hold a visitor visa for Singapore are not allowed to work in Singapore, and they cannot change their eVisa into a work permit.

The Singapore Government and Immigration don't reveal specific reasons for visa rejections. However, based on our experience, here are common reasons why applications might be denied:

  • Providing incorrect information or missing documents.
  • Having an invalid passport.

If your visa is rejected, don't worry; you can re-apply through our services.

When applying for a Singapore eVisa, there's no need to submit any bank statements or show proof of financial solvency.

It's crucial to obey the rules when you're in Singapore. If you overstay, there can be serious consequences. This might include fines, being barred from returning, or even facing legal action and deportation. It's best to stick to the permitted stay duration.

The cost of living in Singapore for a month can vary depending on your lifestyle and preferences. As a tourist, you might need an estimated budget of around SGD 2,000 to SGD 3,000 per month. This should cover expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, and some leisure activities. Keep in mind that Singapore is known for being relatively expensive, so your actual expenses may vary based on your choices and plans during your stay.

With multiple entry tourist visa you can enter and exit as many time as you want. But keep in mind that you have to face the immegration chechpoint each time you enter or exit from singapore. The authority might ask you to show proper reason.