Singapore Visa for Egyptian: Requirements and Fees

Applying a Singapore visa for Egyptian is easier than before as Egyptian Passport holders can now apply for Singapore eVisa. However, Egyptian nationals must fill in the Visa requirements and pay the required fees. The process is relatively easy and less time-consuming than the traditional tourist visa for Singapore. With the Singapore eVisa, Egyptian nationals are eligible to visit Singapore for leisure, tourism, and short business meeting purposes.

Know Why You Should Apply for Online Singapore Visa for Egyptian

Online Singapore Visa for Egyptian

Traditional Singapore Visa for Egyptians

Egyptians can apply for a Singapore visa online in the following package

Singapore Visa application fees include all necessary government, submission, and processing costs.

The electronic visa will be sent to your email and on the portal. There's no need for any sticker visa on your Passport. You can print the eVisa on paper and show it at Singapore immigration.

Requirements of Singapore visa for Egyptian citizens

  • Applicant must possess a valid passport from Egypt
    • Singapore visa for Egyptian passport must have six months of validity from the date of arrival in Singapore
    • You are required to upload a digital copy (scanned copy) of your passport’s bio page
    • See passport sample here
    • Egyptian passport holders must have a blank page on the passport for stamping purposes.
  • If the applicant is a child, then, Separate visa is required whether they have passports or are endorsed by a parent.
    • To do that, parents must provide their passports and attach copies of pages where the details are given.
  • Your photograph must need to be recent and passport-size. The photo should be colored and must meet the below requirements,
    • Recent photos indicate that these are taken within three months now
    • The photo must not have any distracting background or objects. The background should be white with a matte or semi-matte finish on top
    • The photo must show your full face and must not contain any unusual head gear that may hide your face. (The wearing is only acceptable if it’s not blocking your full face)
    • See the photo sample here
  • Inbound or outbound travel tickets are required to apply for a Singapore visa for Egyptians
  • Egyptian nationals are also required to provide a hotel booking (3 stars equal or above) while filling up the Singapore eVisa application. Please note that you can’t provide any Airbnb address, only commercial or relative places.
    • In case of a relative’s place, You are required to submit the relative’s Singaporean passport or ID card copy along with any utility bill copy that has his/her name stated

Additional documents that may require for Egyptian Citizens

On a few occasions, Egyptian nationals may be required to provide some additional documents for further verification. Our experts will be in touch with you to get the additional required documents if needed; These documents may vary but usually includes,

  • Proof of financial stability (Bank statements can be) to ensure your healthy stay in Singapore
  • If you are an Egyptian student who wants to visit Singapore, then you may be required to provide your
  • A student ID card that must match your passport’s name
  • In the case of a job holder, you may be required to provide your NOC letter from your employer along with the date of commencement, designation, and salary/month
  • Egyptian couple applicants may require to provide a marriage certificate along with the passport of the spouse

Processing Time of Singapore Visa for Egyptian

A Singapore visa for Egyptians may require 9 to 12 working days to process. However, this could also change depending on what additional documents are needed after placing the application.

Therefore, we suggest applying for a Singapore Visa three (3) weeks before your intended date of arrival in Singapore.

Vaccination Requirements

The Singaporean Health Ministry and the Immigration Authority have recently introduced new requirements for visa applicants from Egypt. All those who wish to enter and remain in Singapore must now provide proof of vaccination against Covid 19 as well yellow fever, unless they’ve been in Africa or Latin America in recent years.

Covid-19 Vaccination Requirements

The Singapore Government has announced that Egyptian children born after 2010 are exempt from COVID-19 border measures. However, Childrens who are born between 2009 or before that, it’s possible for them to enter without testing or quarantine as long as they have a vaccination certificate.

Covid-19 Vaccinations approved by Singapore Authority,

  • One dose of CanSinoBIO/Convidecia or Janssen/J&J vaccine; OR
  • Two doses of AstraZeneca, Covaxin, Moderna/Spikevax, or Covishield vaccine administered at least 24 days apart; OR
  • Two doses of Novavax/Covovax/Nuvaxovid, Pfizer/BioNTech/COMIRNATY, or Sinopharm vaccine, administered at least 17 days apart; OR
  • Two doses of the Sinovac vaccine are administered 13 days apart; OR
  • A mixture of any two doses of vaccines listed in points 1-4, administered at least 17 days apart; OR
  • Any of the vaccination combinations listed in points 1-5 and subsequently recovered from COVID-19; OR
  • At least one dose of any WHO EUL-approved vaccines listed in points 1-4, taken at least 28 days after a COVID-19-positive diagnosis

Vaccination Certificate that are accepted,

  • A hard vaccination certificate issued by the Egyptian Government and states the vaccination dose name
  • Vaccination digital app that clearly states the vaccination dose name
  • The applicant’s name on the vaccination certificate must need to be matched with the passport name

Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements

  • A vaccine certificate is required for visitors who have been in contact with countries (Africa and Latin America) at risk of yellow fever transmission within six (06) days before arriving in Singapore.
  • If you do not have the vaccination certificate, then it is necessary that upon arrival at Singapore there be a quarantine period for 6 days or more

Requirements at Arrival in Singapore

  • Before you fly to Singapore airport from Egypt, Know that Egyptian citizens or any other country nationals are not allowed to bring in any items that could jeopardize their safety or themselves. This includes weapons, drugs, and other prohibited goods by Singapore’s immigration authorities.
    • Please note that if found in possession of such items, You may get a denial at any entry point of Singapore.
  • Egyptian nationals are advised to keep sufficient cash and their return tickets on hand upon their arrival in Singapore.
  • Please note that Egyptian citizens or any other nationals are not allowed to engage in any employment activities in Singapore under a tourist visa. It’s a crime and punishable offense in Singapore, and you may get banned for a lifetime.
  • You are advised to follow the Law and ethics in Singapore while you are at it.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic measures, including wearing masks, the Trace Together App, and a few recovery protocols, are still in place. We advise you to take this protocol seriously and follow them during your stay in Singapore.


Yes. Egyptian nationals are required to apply for a Singapore visa to enter the country. You can apply for Singapore eVisa, which is convenient and faster than traditional Paper visa from the embassy/consulate.
You can apply for a Singapore online visa or eVisa in just a few minutes. Click on apply now to get your Singapore online visa application form instantly. Fill out the information accurately and pay the service fee. Our visa experts will contact you if there’s any need for additional information regarding your application. Once your Visa will get approved, You can download your visa from your account and get prepared to fly to Singapore.
Singapore eVisa processing takes only 9-12 working days. We advise you to apply for your Singapore visa at least three (3) weeks before your intended arrival date to Singapore.
Additional documents needed may depend on the individual applications and profiles. But don’t worry, as our experts will be in touch with you to arrange and assist you with this paperwork. You can email us the additional documents at [email protected] if required.
Singapore eVisa for Egyptians is valid for 30 days from the date of entry in Singapore. Egyptians are advised not to exceed the stay mentioned on the visa.
Singapore eVisa processing fee is $110, which includes all governmental and processing fees. Visa fees are non-refundable.
No, Egyptian citizens aren't eligible to get a Visa on arrival in Singapore

There are two ways for Egyptians to get a Singapore Visa.
1- You can apply for a Singapore paper visa from your nearest Singapore embassy, which may require multiple visits from time to time.
2- Singapore eVisa, The easiest and fastest way you can track online, doesn’t require an embassy presence, and get the visa in just a few days.

Egyptians are required to apply for a Singapore Arrival Card along with a Singapore Visa. The Arrival Card application form is easy to submit and requires only a few basic information on travel. Please note that Currently SG Arrival card serves as an entry permit for Singapore as you will be asked at the immigration to present your SG arrival card.

If you need an extension for your stay, You need to apply for a Singapore eVisa extension for another 30 days. Extension periods’ approvals are subject to the Singapore government and take 2-3 working days to proceed.

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