Singapore Embassy in Lebanon

Information About the Singapore Embassy in Lebanon

Currently, there is no Singapore Embassy in Lebanon. However, there is a Singapore consulate in Beirut.

The Singapore Consulate in Lebanon works as the diplomatic link between Singapore and Lebanon. It provides immigration assistance to Lebanon’s citizens while also providing consular services to Singapore citizens living in the country. The Consulate also assists with trade, investment, tourism, and educational exchange between the two countries.

Republic of Singapore Honorary Consulate-General in Beirut, Lebanon





Mission Type



Mr Joseph Salim HABIS




Center Sofil, Charles Malek Avenue Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon P.O.Box 166730


961-1-334-335, 200-786, 200-787

Emergency Tel (after hours)



Local Emergency Contacts
Police: 112
Medical Emergencies: 140
Fire: 175
Other Information

Additional Email Address:,[email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Singapore visa stamped on passport?

No, Singapore visa is not stamped on your passport. It is an electronic visa, so it will be linked to your passport electronically.

Is Singapore visa difficult?

No, a Singapore visa is easy to get. If you have the correct documents and meet all the requirements, you can easily get your Singapore visa by online.

Is there any interview for Singapore visa?

No, there is no interview for the Singapore visa. The visa application is online and you do not have to visit any embassy or consulate to apply for it.

Which countries do not need visa to enter Singapore?

There are over 192 countries that do not need a visa to enter Singapore. The only countries that need a visa to enter Singapore are as follows:

The countries listed above will need a visa. As Lebanon is on the list, Lebanese citizens will need a visa to enter Singapore.