Singapore Embassy in Maldives

Information About the Singapore Embassy in Maldives

Currently, there is no Singapore Embassy in Maldives. However, there is a Singapore High Commission.

The Singapore High Commission is the diplomatic link between Singapore and the Maldives. It provides consular and legal services to Singaporean citizens living in the country and immigration and visa assistance to Maldivian citizens and tourists. Anyone interested in trading, investment, and educational exchange programs with Singapore can get information and assistance from the Singapore High Commission.

Republic of Singapore High Commission in Maldives





Mission Type

High Commission

High Commissioner (Non-Resident)

Mr SOO Kok Leng


c/o Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tanglin Singapore 248163




65-63798000 (MFA)

Emergency Tel (after hours)



Local Emergency Contacts
Police: 119 / 332 2111
Fire: 118
Medical Emergencies: 102
Other Information

For visa & general enquiries, please write to [email protected]. Please note that the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is the authority responsible for visa matters. Please visit the Visa Information page (https://www.mfa.gov.sg/Services/Visitors/Visa-information) for more details.

Singaporean Representations in Neighboring Countries

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Maldives need visa to Singapore?

No, Maldives citizens do not need a visa to travel to Singapore for a short visit.

What is the relationship between Singapore and the Maldives?

Singapore and Maldives have diplomatic relations since 1975. Since then, they have been each other’s most important development partners in national and international progress.

Does Singapore visa get stamped on passport?

No, Singapore visa is not stamped on the passport. Singapore issues an electronic visa.

Is Singapore close to the Maldives?

The distance between Singapore and the Maldives is 3401 km. It takes 5-7 hours for a flight to and from these countries.

How strong is the Maldives passport?

Maldives passport is ranked 57th in the world. You can travel to 96 destinations without a visa with your passport.