Singapore Embassy in Netherlands

Information About the Singapore Embassy in Netherlands

The Singapore Embassy in the Netherlands is the diplomatic link between the Netherlands and Singapore. It provides consular services and legal assistance to the citizens of Singapore. At the same time, it provides immigration and tourist information to any Dutch citizens and tourists wishing to visit Singapore. The Singapore Embassy in the Netherlands also provides information related to investment, trade, and cultural exchange between the two countries.

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Netherlands





Mission Type


Ambassador (Non-Resident)

Mr Lim Hong Huai




85 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt B-1050 Brussels Belgium



Emergency Tel (after hours)


Local Emergency Contacts
Police/Ambulance/fire brigade: 112
Emergency GP care [Amsterdam]: 088 003 0600
Emergency GP care [The Hague]: 070 346 9669
Other Information


Singaporean Representations in Neighboring Countries

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you need a visa for Singapore from Netherlands?

The answer is no, you dont need a visa to visit Singapore if you are a Netherlands citizen. Dutch citizens can travel to Singapore without a visa for a short visit.

What is the relationship between the Netherlands and Singapore?

The relationship between the Netherlands and Singapore dates back to the 19th century. There are over 1600 Dutch countries situated in Singapore. Additionally, the Netherlands embassy helps Singaporean citizens invest and do business in Europe.

Which country is visa-free to Singapore?

There are over 159 countries in the world that can visit Singapore without a visa for a short and long-term visit. The following 36 countries only require a visa to visit Singapore:

Is Netherlands a strong passport?

Dutch passport is one of the strongest in the world. It is ranked second in the passport ranking. With a Netherlands passport, you can visit approximately 193 countries without a visa.

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