"My Account" Know-how

Once you have registered successfully during a Singapore Visa application submission, You can Login to your account by using the contact email and password you provided. From this portal you can apply for multiple visa anytime, see visa and payment status of individual applications and download your evisa once approved. It’s easy and hassle free, Let’s take a look of how it works,

1. Click on “Log In” on the right top corner of the Menu.

Singapore visa online login

2. On login window, write your contact email and password to logged in successfully. After login you will be on “My Visa” Page where you can see all your Visa Applications and status. If you didn’t pay the visa service fees, your Visa status will be on “Pending Review” and payment status will be “Unpaid”. You can also proceed to the payment from “Please Pay here” option.

Singapore visa online my visa status unpaid

3. Once you complete the payment, your application will reach “Document Re-review” phase where our visa experts will recheck the documents you have submitted to ensure there’s no error remains on your visa application. If there’s any mistakes found to be on the documents, our Visa experts will reach out to you by instant messenger to correct and resubmit the documents. To avoid errors and mistakes, please check our How to apply for Singapore Visa page.

Singapore visa online application paid and documents review
4. Once the documents are rechecked and approved by the experts, We will submit your application and you will get “On process” visa status. Have patience in here for the next step which is Visa Approval.
Singapore visa online on process
5. If every documents remain okey then you will get your visa approval by the time mentioned on your package. Once you get “Approved” Visa status, you can download your eVisa from “Visa Download” tab. That’s all. Print and carry it to the singapore immigration.
Singapore visa online visa approved