Yellow Fever Vaccination Requirements for Travelers

Dear Travelers,

To visit Singapore, travelers may be required to provide proof of yellow fever vaccination, depending on their travel history.

The yellow fever vaccination requirement applies to individuals who have visited or transited through countries where yellow fever is prevalent

WHO has identified Africa and Latin America as regions at risk for Yellow Fever, so if you’re visiting any of these countries within six (6) days before arriving in Singapore, then it’s mandatory to provide a vaccine certificate.

If travelers are unable to meet the vaccination requirement, they will need to undergo a quarantine period upon arrival in Singapore that can last up to six (6) days.

Quarantine is also mandatory for individuals who are ineligible to receive the vaccination, such as children under one year of age and individuals with contraindications.

Please keep an eye on this page for any updates or changes regarding Yellow fever vaccination requirements to Singapore.

Thank you.

Written by
Shoumik Islam

Shoumik Islam

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