Singapore Embassy in Cuba

Information About the Singapore Embassy in Cuba

The Singapore Embassy in Cuba provides consular services and passport assistance to Singaporeans living in Cuba. At the same time, it assists Cuban citizens and travelers with immigration, visas, education, and cultural exchange information. The Embassy is responsible for promoting bilateral relations between Singapore and Cuba. This includes sharing and engaging in trade, investment, education, and tourism.

Republic of Singapore Embassy in Cuba





Mission Type


Ambassador (Non-Resident)

Mr CHUA Kee Lock


c/o Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tanglin Singapore 248163




65-63798000 (MFA)

Emergency Tel (after hours)

65-63798000 (MFA)



Local Emergency Contacts
Police: 106
Fire: 105
Medical Emergencies: 104
Other Information

For visa & general enquiries, please write to [email protected]. Please note that the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is the authority responsible for visa matters. Please visit the Visa Information page (https://www.mfa.gov.sg/Services/Visitors/Visa-information) for more details.

Singaporean Representations in Neighboring Countries

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Cubans visit Singapore?

The answer is yes, Cubans can visit Singapore. Cuban citizens can enter the country without a visa for a short visit.

Who is the Cuban ambassador to Singapore?

The Cuban Ambassador to Singapore is Lisbet Quesada Luna.

What is the currency used in Cuba?

The currency in Cuba is called the Cuban Peso. One Singaporean Dollar equals around 17.98 Cuban Peso.

How to get Singapore citizenship?

You can get Singapore citizenship if you are eligible for certain criteria. This includes being over 21 years of age and staying in Singapore permanently for over 2 years, being married to a Singapore citizen for over 2 years, getting adopted by a Singaporean citizen, or having a parent who is a citizen and under 21 years of age and such. You can get the details about Singapore citizenship from this guide.

Which countries can apply work permit in Singapore?

To apply for a work permit in Singapore, you must check out the wide list of countries they accept. The information can be obtained from the Ministry of Manpower here. Make sure you check the Non-Traditional Sources Occupation list.