How to Get Singapore Citizenship?

Singapore has captivating cultures and traditions and stands tall as a beacon of diversity and coexistence. This island nation’s rich tapestry weaves together people from around the globe, creating a unique blend of traditions, languages, and perspectives. 

Amidst this multicultural canvas, citizenship in Singapore emerges as a legal status and a profound commitment to being part of a thriving community.

In this guide, we embark on how to get Singapore citizenship, a gateway to long-term residency and many benefits. This aspiration isn’t merely bureaucratic; it signifies eagerness to contribute to Singapore’s story and access its privileges.

Delving into the nuances of the application process, we unveil the vital significance of understanding each step, highlighting the intricate details that pave the way for successful integration into the heart of this vibrant nation.

Eligibility Criteria for Singapore Citizenship

To become a Singaporean citizen, you have to meet some requirements. Otherwise, your application may be rejected.

General Eligibility Requirements for Singapore Citizenship

There are few stated general requirements to become a Singaporean citizen. These are,

  1. Permanent Residency (PR): You should have lived in Singapore as a Permanent Resident for at least 2 years before applying for citizenship. But you need at least six years if you are married to a Singapore citizen.

  2. Age Requirement: You must be at least 21 years old to apply for citizenship.

  3. Good Character: You should have good behavior and be law-abiding. This means you shouldn’t have any serious criminal records.

  4. Basic English Language Skills: You need to show that you can understand and communicate in English.

  5. Intention to Stay: You should show a clear intention to settle down and live in Singapore for the long term.

  6. Economic Contribution: You should have a stable job or show that you can financially support yourself and your family.

  7. Commitment to Citizenship: You must be willing to give up any other citizenship you have, if required, and pledge your allegiance to Singapore.

In addition, you must prove a stable employment or business engagement and demonstrate a genuine intention to reside in Singapore.

Any Specific considerations for Singapore Citizenship Application?

Besides the general requirements for Singapore citizenship, There are a few specific considerations available, These are, 

  1. Family Ties: If you have close family members who are Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents, it might have a positive impact on your citizenship application.

  2. Education and Integration: Having a good educational background and showing a strong commitment to integrating into Singaporean society can be beneficial.

  3. Financial Stability: Demonstrating financial stability and being able to support yourself and your family members is important.

  4. Community Involvement: Being actively involved in community activities and contributing to the well-being of Singaporean society can be a positive factor.

  5. Length of Residency: The longer you have been a Permanent Resident, the more likely you might meet the requirement for Singapore citizenship.

  6. National Service: If you are a male Permanent Resident, completing National Service or an equivalent program is mandatory.

  7. Marital Status: If you are married to a Singaporean citizen, it might affect the processing of your citizenship application.

  8. Age and Occupation: Your age, occupation, and potential contribution to Singapore’s workforce and economy can also be considered.

However, sometimes your application may be rejected for some reason.

Common Reasons of Singapore Citizenship Application Rejections

As per ICA rules, your application may be rejected due to the following;

You must first become a permanent resident in Singapore before qualifying for citizenship.

Singapore PR Eligibility

After qualifying for your citizenship, you are half done being a permanent resident. Here are the key Singapore permanent residency eligibility criteria.

Minimum Duration of Residency in Singapore

Generally, to get a Singapore PR, you must reside there for at least six months and hold either employment or an S pass. But, if you are a spouse to a Singapore citizen, you need to stay in the country for at least six years to be eligible.

Let’s look at the available PR permits you can apply for.

Types of Residency Permits and Their Implications for Citizenship

In Singapore, there are different residence schemes. These include;

Your scheme determines your pathway to citizenship. For instance, employment pass holders need to meet higher income and skill criteria. In comparison, the Investor scheme may only need a significant business contribution.

Proving Genuine Intent to Reside in Singapore

In addition to your scheme category, you must sincerely intend to make Singapore your permanent home. You can use stable employment, property ownership, family ties, and community involvement to prove your intention.

Additionally, employment and economic considerations will also determine your citizenship approval.

Employment and Economic Considerations

Let’s examine how your employment and economic contribution to Singapore may impact your citizenship.

Employment Pass and Its Impact on the Singapore Citizenship Application

In Singapore, your employment pass has an impact on your citizenship application. However, EP holders seeking citizenship are expected to have higher incomes, professional expertise, and longer PR tenure. With this, you will significantly impact Singapore’s economy and society.

Additionally, owning a business is also an important factor. 

Owning a Business in Singapore as a Pathway to Citizenship

Owning a business in Singapore is a viable route to citizenship. Entrepreneurs under schemes like the Global Investor Programme (GIP) can accelerate their PR journey. You only need to meet investment thresholds and contribute to local employment and growth. 

Successful business operations are considered commitment and integration into Singapore’s economic fabric.

Moreover, your economic status may also influence your citizenship.

Economic Contribution and Its Significance

You must demonstrate substantial economic contribution to strengthen your profile when applying for Singapore citizenship. 

You can use tangible contributions such as job creation, investments, and participation in key industries to show your commitment to Singapore’s progress. These contributions enhance your chances of citizenship eligibility as they align with national goals.

Incorporating your economic contribution into your application strategy fosters personal success. Also, it contributes to Singapore’s dynamic economic landscape.

Moreover, language is also an essential factor in attaining Singapore citizenship.

Language Proficiency

You need language proficiency to fully engage in Singapore’s social, economic, and political spheres. Language facilitates clear communication, fosters meaningful connections, and enhances societal cohesion.

So, let’s look at the language requirement to qualify for Singapore citizenship.

Language Requirements for Citizenship

English is one of the official languages in Singapore. Hence, it’s an important aspect of the application process.  With adequate language skills, you’ll be able to communicate and integrate into Singapore’s diverse society.

Which are the tests necessary for language proficiency?

English Language Proficiency Tests Recognized by the Singaporean Government

The Singaporean government recognizes specific language proficiency tests to assess English skills. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) among the acceptable bodies. These tests evaluate your reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities.

However, they have exemptions for language proficiency.

Exemptions and Accommodations for Language Proficiency

Although English proficiency is essential, you can benefit from exemptions or accommodations. For instance, if you come from English-speaking countries or have educational backgrounds in English.

Additionally, older applicants or those with specific circumstances might benefit from waivers or alternative evaluation methods. Achieving language proficiency is a commitment to integrating into Singapore’s vibrant linguistic landscape.

Next, consider how integrating and community involvement contribute to your citizenship success.

Integration and Community Involvement

To qualify for Singapore citizenship, you must show your integration and involvement in community activities.

Singapore local community

Involvement in the Local Community and Social Integration

Active engagement with the local community is a key element to successful integration. You must demonstrate a genuine interest in your neighborhood activities, interacting with residents, and participating in communal events.

This way, you showcase your commitment to becoming part of Singapore’s societal fabric.

Demonstrating Commitment to Singaporean Values and Culture

Next, you must demonstrate understanding and embrace Singapore’s values, traditions, and cultural nuances. Adhere to the nation’s principles of multiculturalism, respect, and harmony. These principles resonate with the spirit of Singaporean identity and foster a sense of belonging.

Participating in Civic Activities and Volunteer Work

To become a citizen, you must contribute to civic activities and volunteer work. This way, you demonstrate your dedication to Singapore’s betterment. 

While volunteering demonstrates your desire to give back to the community and enrich the lives of fellow residents, aligning with Singapore’s social responsibility ethos.

Participating actively in Singapore integration efforts makes solidifying your connections easy. Also, it helps you to prove your commitment to adhere to the community values and nurture a sense of unity.

Additionally, your financial status influences your Singapore citizenship.

Financial Requirements and Background Checks

Your finances and background also determine your citizenship.

Financial Stability and Capacity to Support Oneself and Dependents

When applying for your Singapore citizenship, you must prove your financial position to support yourself and your dependents. To prove this, you need an adequate income, an employment history, and a clear plan for financial sustainability to contribute positively to Singapore’s society.

Background Checks and Character Assessment Process

Background checks are essential in the application process. The authority scrutinizes your character, integrity, and law adherence. So, your morals should align with Singapore’s values, ethics, and legal framework.

Addressing Any Legal or Criminal History Concerns

You must address legal and criminal history concerns transparently. Be honest about your past incidents and show evidence of reform and rehabilitation to influence your application outcome. However, some offences may result in disqualification or a longer waiting period.

These requirements ensure that new citizens contribute positively to Singapore’s societal and ethical landscape.

Dual Citizenship in Singapore and Renunciation

At this point, let’s explore more about dual citizenship in Singapore. Is it acceptable? Or not?

Singapore's Stance on Dual Citizenship:

Generally, Singapore does not recognize dual citizenship. So once you gain Singapore citizenship, you must renounce your foreign citizenship. But they have exceptions for individuals who hold dual citizenship from birth, depending on their birth country policies.

Renouncing Foreign Citizenship, if Necessary

If you hold another county’s citizenship, you must undergo renunciation as a prerequisite for Singaporean citizenship. Renunciation ensures undivided loyalty to Singapore. Also, it aligns with the nation’s commitment to a single national identity.

Implications of Dual Citizenship for Property Ownership and Taxes

Renouncing your foreign citizenship may influence your property ownership in your birth country. Also, please note that you should be aware of potential tax implications since both Singapore and your other citizenship may have tax obligations you must consider.

If you want Singapore citizenship, you must understand their dual citizenship stand. Also, you must comply with renunciation requirements considering their implication on your property and taxes.

Application Process and Documentation

Once you have all the requirements and dual citizenship status details, let’s look at the application process and necessary documents.

Obtaining and Completing the Application Form

When applying for your Singapore citizenship, you must get the application form and apply it accurately. However, note that you must apply online on the MyICA website. Note; this application form is the foundation for your candidacy, so you must fill it out precisely.

After filling out the application document, you must attach the supporting documents.

List of Required Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are pivotal to substantiating your eligibility. These documents include identification, employment records, educational certificates, proof of residency, and other materials stipulated by authorities. Please check the ICA website for more document requirements.  

However, please note your documents must be comprehensive and well-organized for a successful application.

Here is your cheat sheet for a successful application:

  • You must be keen on details and prepare sufficiently for a successful application. In addition, you must check your documents thoroughly, follow submission deadlines, and address any potential red flags proactively.
  • Include clear and concise explanations for gaps or exceptional circumstances, leaving no stone unturned.
  • A well-prepared application form, supported by accurate and comprehensive documentation, significantly enhances your chances of successfully navigating the Singapore citizenship application process.

So, how long does it take to get your Singapore citizenship after applying?

Waiting Period and Citizenship Ceremony

You must wait for the results after applying and attaching all the necessary documents.

Singapore Citizenship Ceremony

Processing Time for Citizenship Applications

Singapore citizenship application takes about 12 months. But for children overseas born to Singapore citizens, it will take you about two months after submitting all documents. 

However, please note that sometimes there is a delay due to factors like your circumstances and application volume. In the meantime, you need to be patient. 

Notifying Applicants of the Decision

After application, you will be notified of your citizenship application outcome. If your application is successful, you will receive an approval principal letter. But if your application fails, you will be informed of the outcome and relevant explanations.

Attending the Citizenship Ceremony

Upon approval, successful candidates are usually invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. This ceremony marks a significant milestone: new citizens take the Oath of Allegiance, pledging their loyalty to Singapore. 

Also, you will receive your citizenship certificates, symbolizing your full integration into Singaporean society.

The citizenship ceremony is a testament to an individual’s commitment to becoming an active participant in the dynamic tapestry of Singapore’s cultural and societal landscape.

So, after receiving your citizenship, what’s next? 

Post-Citizenship Considerations

Congratulations, you have your Singapore citizenship. This new journey comes with rights, privileges, duties and responsibilities.

Rights and Privileges of Singaporean Citizens

As a Singaporean citizen, you get access to various rights and privileges. These include social benefits, healthcare, education, political participation, and enhanced mobility. These privileges contribute to a high quality of life and an enriched sense of belonging.

Duties and Responsibilities as a Singaporean Citizen

Singapore citizenship comes with a set of civic duties and responsibilities. For instance, you are expected to fulfil National Service obligations for males, adhere to the law, contribute taxes, and participate in societal and community betterment initiatives

These responsibilities reflect the reciprocal relationship between citizens and the nation.

Continuation of Integration and Participation in the Community

Your citizenship marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of integration. You must embrace Singapore’s values, culture, and ethos and actively engage in community activities and volunteer work. 

In this participation, you solidify your sense of identity and commitment to the nation’s growth and progress.

The transition to Singaporean citizenship is not just an administrative process; it’s an invitation to engage with the nation’s opportunities fully.

Singapore Tourist Visa

Before you decide to become a citizen of Singapore, why not go there as a tourist first? Visiting Singapore will help you know the place better. You can see its skyscrapers, and beautiful gardens, and taste the yummy foods. Being there will let you understand how people live, what they do, and how they feel.

It’s like checking something out before you make a big choice. So, before you decide to be a citizen, go see Singapore for yourself and then decide if it’s the right choice for you.

However, you’ll need a visa if you come from any of these countries. Fill out the visa application form and attach the supporting documents to get your Singapore visa.

Remember, Singapore offers different types of visas depending on your travel purpose and duration of stay.

Singapore Visa

Types of Singapore Visa Available to Foreigners

You can apply for;

  • Business visa: If you travel for business seminars, negotiations, conferences, discussions or other reasons.
  • Tourist visa: Suitable when traveling for private or social reasons.

Here is a simple procedure to apply for your Singapore visa.

Singapore eVisa application procedure

To apply for your visa online;

  • Click on the “Apply Now”  and complete the application form correctly. After filling in your nationality, name, and address, upload a valid passport and passport photograph.
  • Then pay for the processing fees. You can use debit or credit cards like MasterCard and Visa.
  • After payment, depending on your preferable visa package, you will get your visa approval letter via email within two to five days.

Please follow the steps above to apply for your visa, regardless of nationality.

Lots of folks want to become citizens of Singapore, and we’ve noticed a big interest from people in certain countries. That’s why have shortlisted a few countries below who would surely like to visit Singapore for once before applying for the citizenship program. We’re also talking about what visitors from these countries need to do to get a visa to visit Singapore. We’ll cover the requirements, processing time, and other information for getting a tourist visa, making it easier for those who want to explore Singapore to understand what they need to do.


If you’re from Russia and want to visit Singapore, there’s good news!

You are eligible for Singapore eVisa and you can get it online. It’s like a digital ticket that says you can come as a tourist.


Sometimes, getting a Singapore visa for Russian may be required to provide additional information. In this case, our manager will contact you to email them. These include;

Visa processing time

Visa processing time depends on the package of your choice. If you choose the express package, your visa will be ready within two working days. The regular package takes about four days to get your visa. 

However, please note it’s advisable to apply early enough to avoid delays. Also, public holidays, weekends and application dates don’t count.

Visa fees

You need to pay $130 for the express visa package and $80 for the regular visa.


Here are the general requirements for a Singapore visa for Ukrainian citizens.

Moreover, in some cases, you might be requested to provide other documents. These may include;

Processing time

After completing your application, it takes about three to four working days to receive your visa. However, if you want your visa sooner, you can opt for the express package to receive it within 48 hours. Please note that public holidays, weekends and application dates don’t count.

Visa fees

The express package costs $130, while the regular package costs $80


Singapore visa for Kazakhstan citizens is a must to visit the country. Here are the key requirements for approval.

In some cases, you need to provide the following;

Visa processing time

You will receive your visa with the normal package within three to four days. But you can receive it within two working days if you choose express delivery. However, please note that these days exclude public holidays, submission dates and weekends.

Processing fees

Express processing costs only $130, while regular processing costs $80.  


Uzbekistan citizens are also eligible to apply for Singapore eVisa. The general requirements of Singapore visa for Uzbekistan are,


Visa processing time

We have two visa processing packages for Uzbekistani citizens. One is express processing which is faster at $130, and you receive your visa within two working days. Second is the regular package at $80 to receive your visa between three to four working days. 

Please note these days exclude weekends, holidays and your submission date. 

Processing fees

We have two visa processing options. Our express package costs $130, while the regular package costs $80.


Singapore visa for Azerbaijani is mandatory and they can now get their visa by online. However, you have to meet the visa requirements.


Please note that sometimes you may be requested to forward additional documents. In this case, our expert will contact you for directions. 

Singapore visa processing time

Generally, it will take you about three to four business days to receive your visa. But if you want to get it sooner, apply for the express package, which will take only two days. 

However, please note that these days don’t include public holidays, weekends, and the application date. Also, it’s important to apply early enough to avoid unnecessary delays.  

Processing fees

You only need to pay $130 for the express package and $80 for the regular package. Our fees are all-inclusive; no extra charges.

Tips For a Successful Visa Application

Applying for a Singapore tourist visa is a vital step in your citizenship journey. In this section, you will learn important tips for your application.


The path to Singapore citizenship beckons with promise and opportunity.  Take that pivotal step towards your citizenship with confidence. You will succeed if you are committed to integration, adhere to requirements, and understand the intricate application process.

As you embark on this transformative journey, remember to present your application thoughtfully, addressing concerns. 

After successful application, embrace citizenship privileges and fulfilling your responsibilities with dedication. The Singaporean dream is yours to grasp, a chance to contribute to a diverse and thriving society. 

Approach this endeavor with determination, and let your journey toward Singaporean citizenship be one of growth, unity, and shared prosperity.

Best wishes for you!

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