How to get Singapore visa in Yemen

Whoever living in Yemen as Yemeni or other nationalities which are in the Singapore Visa required country list that must have Visa to enter Singapore.

You can get Singapore Visa in Yemen in two ways:

1. Get Singapore online visa by applying through this website

Singapore online visa is effective for citizens who are living far away from the Singapore Embassies and do not want to lose the important documents (passport, money or documents) by postal mail.

  1. Visa Administrative Institution: Singapore Immigration Department via applying in this website
  2. Processing time: 9 to 12 working days.
  3. Required Documents: Passport Scan Copy and Photograph.

How does it work?

Just access in website, fill the visa form online, you will get a visa submission Confirmation Letter almost instantly and the Visa sticker will be send to your address via your proffered secure postal service (Extra shipping charge may apply).

Finally you  show this visa sticker with your passport to singapore immigration counter in singapore airport.

2. Get Singapore Entry Visa at Singapore Embassies in Yemen

If you apply for Visa to Singapore in person at the Singapore Embassy in Yemen, you need to know:

  1. Visa administrative Institution: Singapore Embassy
  2. Processing time: It depends on you how fast you need. But for sure, you should make a call to Singapore Embassy for details.
  3. Required Documents: Passport, Photo, Letter of invitation from Singapore, confirm return air ticket, Application form, Bank statement and visa fees.

Singapore Embassy address in Yemen

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