Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Gets Huge Upgrade: 200+ New Food Options and Amenity Kits

Singapore Airlines has revamped its premium economy food and added an amenity kit as a major upgrade. This has been a huge boost since 2015.

In a report by USA Today, the changes include 200+ food menu items, all-new dishware, and a new amenity kit with a twist. The twist of the amenity kit is passengers can request a kit that lasts for at least seven hours. Moreover, the designer of the amenity kit is Out of the Woods, a US-based sustainable lifestyle company.

Premium Economy Class passengers will now have a plethora of options of over 200 new and exciting food items to choose from. The food items are meticulously divided into appetisers, main courses, dessert and cheese selections, ensuring a delightful dining experience at 30,000 feet.

Additionally, there are new wine and champagne selections available, along with a long list of tea selections, grilled beef tenderloins, seafood horfun, lamb biriyani, and delicious desserts.

The amenity kit comes with recycled eyeshades, essential toiletries, lip balm, and a much-wanted slipper.

Ms Betty Wong, Singapore Airlines divisional vice president of inflight service and design, stated that,

“Taste, availability of choice, and meal portions are the most important factors contributing to the premium economy class customers’ inflight dining experience.”

“Customers can enjoy an elevated inflight dining experience which includes an improved and expanded selection of beverage options, a new amenity kit, a return of our hard copy menu so customers can view all of the meal offerings that are available onboard,”

Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Mr Yeoh Phee Teik, expressed that the airline is committed to meeting customers’ expectations, stating the growth in the popularity of premium economy class since 2015.

The new premium economy service will be available to customers from 31st March 2024 on 42% of its flights. The flight destinations that get them on the first run are Houston, New York, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Source: The Independent Singapore

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