Singapore to Be the New Home of Disney Cruise Line!

The Disney Magic is going to new heights in Southeast Asia! With an announcement from the Disney Cruise Line, a collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 2023, a new cruise ship will be calling Singapore’s Marina Bay Cruise Center its home port in 2025.

The news comes as a major boost for both the Singapore tourism industry and tourists around the world’s interest in Disney and Cruise ship vacations, especially for families who are seeking an unforgettable journey with Mickey and friends.

It will be the largest cruise ship to be in the Singapore Bay area, said Minister in Charge of Trade and Relations Mr S Ishwaran at an official announcement.

“By all accounts, this is a major milestone in the evolution of our cruise industry,” said the Minister, unfolding the news of the eighth Disney Cruise Line ship news. (source: Today Online)

While the ship is yet to be named and is under construction, it will house approximately 6,000 passengers along with 2,300 crew members. There will be an enchanting mix of shows featuring beloved Disney characters, themed restaurants, and other activities for all age groups.

As there are already Disney-themed parks and attractions in Singapore, it is no wonder a cruise ship will add a new addition to it, especially as the country is flocked by tourists from around the world.

Additionally, the ship will be one of the lowest fuel-emitting ones, as it will use green methanol, as stated by the Singapore Tourism Board and Disney Cruise Line.

The specifics of the itinerary and attractions are yet to be revealed. Still, the passengers can expect to have not only a thrilling sea adventure but also visit the region’s beaches, destinations, and culture.

As Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia are also around the corner, the passengers are on for a unique experience of culture, magic, and, mostly, adventure around the world.

Construction is currently underway at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. If you didn’t know, Meyer Werft is responsible for three other Disney Crusie ship constructions. This is going to be the eighth one in the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

Surely, it is not an opportunity to miss, as it combines both Disney and Singapore, the Lion City. So travel, and Disney fans are to mark the year 2025 on their calendars.

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