Singapore Plans Big for Tourism With Porsche Experience Center and Wellness Centers

Singapore is gearing up for an exciting venture in its tourism landscape with the launch of its own Porsche Experience Center by 2027. Set to be Porsche’s first in Southeast Asia, the center will sit next to and occupy the Changi Showroom 2km track, themed exhibits, and mechanical racing dives.

This will be Porsche’s 11th Experience Center worldwide, joining locations in Tokyo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Silverstone in the UK. “We are delighted that Porsche has chosen Singapore. We hope this flagship location will boost interest and add new vitality to the Changi region,” Grace Foo, minister for industrial relations, said on 10 May.

In addition to its high-octane development, Singapore will introduce a “world-class” wellness attraction near the Marina Barrage on the south coast. Grace Foo’s announcement aligns with the growing demand for restorative wellness experiences. “We want to position Singapore as an urban prosperity hub,” he said, emphasizing the potential to exploit the waterfront’s proximity to its attractions.

STB plans to launch a tender for this wellness attraction soon, with more details to follow. The global welfare market is worth US$1. $5.2 trillion by 2022 will rise to about US$1.5 billion. $8 billion by 2027.

The envisioned health attraction aims to provide experiences, including healing arts, light-frequency therapy, allied health care, and fitness activities, indoors and outdoors but will not include accommodations around.

Addressing concerns about competition with resorts such as Bali and Phuket, Ow said the new attraction will highlight Singapore’s strengths as an urban destination, offering convenience and a comprehensive array of lifestyle and leisure options.

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