Singapore Tourism Packs for an Indian Makeover: As the Country Sees Rise in Tourist Arrivals From the Country

Singapore is looking at a huge increase in the number of Indian tourists visiting the country in recent years. Not only tourists but also business travelers are increasing. To accommodate the generous travelers and potential business travelers, Singapore has taken the initiative to build, decorate, and accommodate hotels and rooms to a more Indian-friendly standard.

The number of hotels is still unknown, but 9,000 new rooms and 72,000 existing rooms are getting a huge makeover in the Indian way to make tourists and travelers feel comfortable.

Before the pandemic, over 1.4 million Indians had visited Singapore alone in 2019. Although not close enough after that time, it reached 1.1 million in 2023. The Singapore Tourism Board anticipates that the numbers will go off the charts soon.

This is why the Singapore Tourism Board is actively promoting Singapore’s top attractions through its High Commission and Consulate in India.

The country aims not only to attract tourists but also potential investors. Singapore is thriving in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT, and FinTech industries. With the rise in familiar living spaces, it is understandable that Indians will find an interest in growing their business in the country.

Singapore also hosts major world exhibitions and conferences year-round. This brings in a huge number of attendees from India. To make a better impression on them as well.

An upcoming retail trade show, the APAC edition of the NRF Retail Big Show, is expecting 5-10% of its 5,000 attendees to come from India, highlighting the growing importance of the Indian market for Singapore.

The event will feature industry stalwarts from India, including Kumar Rajagopalan (CEO of the Retailers Association of India), Shireesh Joshi (Chief Business Officer of the Open Network for Digital Commerce), and Mathsy Kutty (APAC Leader for The Climate Pledge at Amazon).

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