Singapore Visa for Iraq

Q: Do the Iraqs need visa to enter Singapore?

A: Yes, they do. The Iraqs living in Iraq or other countries around the world must have Visa to enter Singapore.

How to apply Singapore Visa For Iraq

There are 2 ways to apply Singapore Visa for Iraq citizens:

1. Applying Singapore online Visa (recommended)

This way is called Singapore Online Visa. Singapore Visa for Iraq, you can apply Singapore Visa Online in this website www.singaporevisaonline.sg by filling your necessary information in the online form. You can submit it within 5-10 minutes, simply from everywhere in the world if you have Internet assess. This way brings to you the most effective, satisfactory result because it is quick, convenient, cheap and safe. You do not have to send your passport or important documents to anywhere for Singapore Visa. After fill up the Online Application form for Singapore Visa for Iraq, you will get confirmation letter for your visa submission. Normally you will receive an Approval Letter via postal-service within 9-12 working days.

How about Service Fee?

Our service fee is fixed in website www.singaporevisaonline.sg, especially NO hidden charges. So you don’t have to pay any additional fees, What you see is what you pay. Check our Singapore Visa fees.

2. Applying Singapore visa for Iraq in Singapore Embassy or Singapore Consulate

Up to the traditional way you have to submit your passport, Letter of invitation (LOI) from Singapore, Confirmed Return Air ticket, Photo, Visa application and Visa Fees to Singapore Embassy or Singapore Consulate in nearest embassy. But unfortunately Iraq don’t have any Singapore embassy so you have to go to your nearest embassy which is suited to Turkey. It’s inconvenient for someone living far for the Embassy. Sometimes your application is failed because of missing passport, important documents. This way takes you a lot of time for applying and waiting. You don’t know how the progress of your application is going on. In addition you cannot restrain expense, have to pay additional cost.

That’s why you should apply Singapore Visa in our website www.singaporevisaonline.sg

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