2022 Singapore Tourism Statistics Revealed Who Visited Singapore the Most

The tourism industry in Singapore is complicated but very profitable because it is made up of many different economic sectors. Singapore’s tourism industry is one of the most profitable parts of the local economy. It supports 164,000 jobs and makes up 4% of the country’s GDP. So, the numbers say what they need to say.

So, how did Singapore’s tourism business grow? How many people went to this country as tourists in 2022? And what does tourism do to the economy as a whole? To answer these questions, we’ll show you statistics about the tourism industry in Singapore.

General Singapore Tourism Statistics for 2022

Singapore’s borders reopened on April 1, 2022, as part of the Vaccinated Travel Framework. At the beginning of the year, the city’s tourism board (STB) made a statement about the number of international visitors (IVA). Singapore thinks that between 4 and 6 million people will visit in 2022, as international tourism grows. The results were also good news.

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International Visitors by Country Arriving in Singapore for 2022

The given information paints a picture of a city with a lot of tourists. From January to November 2022, people from the following countries went to Singapore the most:

International Visitors to Singapore by Month

Now that you know which countries sent the most visitors to Singapore, I’ll break down the yearly totals by season (January through November).

Average Length of Stay in Singapore for International Arrivals

Average Length of Stay (ALOS) is expected to be 5.19 days in 2022. January was the longest month overall because the average length of a trip was 19 days. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it hard for people to travel around the world, and visitors to Singapore are required to stay in quarantine for a certain amount of time.

International Visitor Arrivals By Sex and Age

Creating a good image of the destination can have an effect on tourists. Sex and age are the most important factors of a tourist destination for the number of international visitors. Let’s look at the big picture:

By Sex

By Age Group

Singapore Arrivals by Mode of Transport

About 4.6 million people from outside the country flew on commercial flights in 2022. In that year, when Singapore reopened its borders to the rest of the world, there was a sudden rise in air travel.

Singapore Hotel Statistics for 2022

People who are on the road need a place to sleep. Read on to learn more about the hotel business in 2022. Be careful, though, because the results might surprise you.

I should make it clear that these numbers are only for hotels that are listed in the official gazette.

Average Singapore Hotel Occupancy Rate in 2022

At that time, more rooms were being used, so a higher percentage means that more rooms were being used.

Average Singapore Hotel Occupancy Rate in 2022

Rooms that are being fixed up or that are being used by staff are not included.

Singapore Tourism Receipts during the Pandemic

COVID-19 has had a big impact on the growth and development of economies around the world. This is not a secret. This is especially true in the business of travel and tourism. Next, we’ll look at tourism before, during, and after the outbreak:

Tourism Receipts per Major Component for 2019

For 2019, tourism receipts equaled 27.69B (billion) dollars, an 2.77% increase from 2018.

Tourism Receipts per Major Component for 2020

For 2020, tourism receipts equaled 4.83B (billion) dollars, an 82.56% decrease from 2020.

Tourism Receipts per Major Component for 2021

For 2021, tourism receipts equaled 1.89B (billion) dollars, a 60.79% decrease from 2020.

Tourism Receipts per Major Component for the 2022

Looking at the tourism receipts for 2022, we can see an enormous increase from 2021.

What are Singapore's Traditional Incoming Markets, and How will that Change Post-COVID?

Over the course of 2022, global COVID rules and travel restrictions have been gradually lifted. As a result, we should expect a steady rise in tourism to several major places around the world, including Singapore. The economy, along with everything else, eventually returned to normal. Singapore has been successful for a long time because of its overall Traditional Incoming Market framework.

Singapore’s economy is open and heavily based on trade. It is a key link in the supply chain worldwide. Singapore has mostly open investment strategies and a strong free market economy. At the same time, Singapore’s government takes an active role in managing and keeping the economy growing. It also supports open investment policies and a strong free market economy. The country has some of the strictest laws in the world against corruption, and they are being followed strictly.

Singapore tourists walking

There has been a lot of foreign investment in the petrochemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, machinery and equipment, and services sectors of Singapore’s manufacturing sector (financial, trade, and business). By giving companies tax breaks, funding for research and development (R&D), and chances to work with local research institutions, the government is trying to make the country a hub for R&D and innovation around the world.

Singapore’s digital innovation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, environmental sustainability, and cybersecurity sectors are likely to get more foreign investments in the future. Singapore’s government is putting a lot of money into AI, robotics, integrated systems, and protecting the environment in order to make the country a hub for these technologies in Southeast Asia. Also, Singapore has always been a place where research and medical technology are made and developed.

Post COVID-19 Scenario

Even though it’s hard to predict inbound tourism, we can guess how Singapore’s usual inbound markets will change after the covid.

34% of Singapore’s workers are from outside the country, which makes the country very dependent on them. After the first COVID-19 pandemic outbreak was found in dormitories where low-wage immigrant workers in the construction and maritime industries lived, strict quarantine rules almost put an end to the construction industry. The Singaporean government had cut most businesses’ quotas for mid-skilled and low-skilled foreign workers in 2020. This was done to encourage businesses to be more efficient and hire more Singaporeans. After COVID-19, it impacted the overall economic growth of 2022.

The tourism industry was one of the first to feel the effects of the pandemic, since almost all tourism operations around the world had to stop so that the virus could be stopped. But things turned out differently in 2022, when Singapore became a top tourist destination. In 2022, some tourists may even plan a stopover in Singapore just to see the city’s many sights.

Singapore tourism 2022

Before the epidemic, China was the most important market for Singapore to sell to. China dropped from number one on the list of most visited countries in 2019 to number eleven in 2022. This is because between 2019 and 2022, the number of visitors to China had dropped by 98.2%. Japan used to be sixth, but now it’s not even on the list of top countries that come here. But the strict covid laws were a major reason why Chinese and Japanese international tourism is going down.

There is now no reason to think that tourists from the rest of the industry’s traditional markets will stop coming to Singapore. The number of people coming from these top countries has gone up a lot from one month to the next, and the numbers show that this is likely to keep happening. And based on what we’ve learned, we think that the tourism industry will continue to grow beyond 2022.

Final Words

Based on the information below, we can see that Singapore’s tourism industry started to grow again in 2022, after two long years. STB wants to keep growing Singapore’s tourism industry by coming up with new ideas and products. Tourism is still Singapore’s fastest-growing business because it can create jobs, bring in money from other countries, and help develop many different parts of the country.

There are so many great things to see and photograph in Singapore that you will want to see more. Plan your trip now to make sure that you have a great time.

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