Where To Stay In Singapore: Factors to Consider

The business hub of Southeast Asia, Singapore, is also a tourism hotspot throughout the year. Although a small island country, it’s full of scenic beaches, iconic heritage sites, and modern-day entertainment.

As a fellow traveler, we should inform you, that your trip to Singapore is as enjoyable as you plan it. This means getting all your paperwork ready, booking your flight, packing your luggage, and, most importantly, booking a place to stay. You really don’t want to wander around in the streets after landing as you have so much to experience ahead.

Today, we are going to talk all about where to stay in Singapore and give you a few hidden information along the way.

Ultimate Guide on Where To Stay In Singapore

Let’s start with the obvious: you cannot just barge into a hotel and start living, right? Because there are a few factors that you need to go over before you can book your stay.

Factors to Consider: Where To Stay In Singapore

This includes your budget, whether the place is close to your planned itinerary, whether it is safe enough, the amenities, and so on.

So let’s talk about these in detail. Beginning with the budget.

Budget Considerations

Your budget will speak volumes. Singapore is a diverse country with many options, from luxurious to mid-range and affordable.

Accommodation in Singapore

Before you can make up your mind about a hotel, you have to know the average price of your stay.

Average Cost of Accommodation in Singapore

The average cost of accommodation in Singapore depends on a lot of factors. Normally the range is between $49-$200.

The factors are the location, types of accommodation and amenities, and size. Also, the tourist season plays an important role in the price. While there are budget-friendly, mid-range, and luxury options scattered all over the city, some locations specifically are more expensive than others.

This is why booking beforehand is one of the tricks that will get you the best prices. Because time also plays a vital role in the pricing game. It’s like booking a flight ticket, the longer you wait to book, the prices go up.

Some other things can affect your budget. To explain that, we will have to compare these hotels side by side. Let’s start with the luxury places and midrange ones first.

Luxury Hotels vs Midrange Hotels

There are a few key differences between a luxury hotel and a midrange hotel in Singapore. Not only the prices that set them apart, but also the amenities, services, and facilities are different.

We can give you a clearer picture by putting them side by side here. You will understand that it might seem all the same at first glance, but in the long run, the little things turn into big ones.

Feature Luxury Hotels Midrange Hotels
Price (USD per night) Starts at $350+ Starts at $110 - $250
Location Marina Bay, Orchard Road City center, suburbs, near attractions
Room Size & Amenities Larger rooms with high-end finishes, well-equipped furniture, upgraded toiletries, with common balconies/terraces Comfortable rooms with standard amenities, limited furniture options, and amenities
Service 24/7 concierge, butler services (depending on the hotel), premium chauffeur and limousine service, valet services, guest services, and personalized services. Limited concierge services, no valet, parking services, and other necessary services only
Facilities Spas, fitness centers with high-end equipment, pools Fitness centers, limited on-site restaurants, my have one pool
Dining High-end restaurants with celebrity chefs or award-winning menus Varied restaurants may include chains or local options

Chart: Difference between Luxury and Midrange Hotels in Singapore

You can see that the facilities, services, and amenities vary depending on the place you stay. Depending on your budget or your preference for services, you can choose between get and luxury hotels.

Surely, the location also plays an important role in the pricing, as the main tourist destinations are nearby.

But being in Singapore, where the transport is as impeccable as their hospitality, you can stay anywhere in the city and move anywhere through all means of transport. Be it a public one, or a hired private one. You can also check out the Singapore transportation article to get around the city with ease.

Midrange Hotels vs Budget Hotels

Midrange and budget hotels are another option that anyone can go for. Be it you are with your family, a couple, or a solo traveler. Choosing these can leave you with more cash to explore the wonderful sights that Singapore has to offer.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from them, we have again put up a chart. Let’s look into it.

Feature Midrange Hotels Budget Hotels
Price (USD per night) Starts from$110 - $250 Starts from $49 - $120
Location City center, suburbs, near attractions) Often outside the city center, along main roads
Room Size & Amenities Standard amenities (TV, air conditioning, en-suite bathroom) Smaller rooms with basic amenities (may have shared bathrooms in some hostels)
Service Efficient service, limited concierge services Basic reception service, limited housekeeping
Facilities Limited facilities. Fitness center swimming pool may not be available in all hotels Limited facilities, most of the time there are no swimming pools
Dining May have an on-site restaurant or cafe or be located near restaurants Most of the time, there is a nearby hawkers center, restaurant, on-site restaurant, or cafe that is not available

Chart: Midrange hotels vs Budget hotels in Singapore

From the chart, you can get the idea there are a lot fewer options in the services, amenities, and other extra facilities like the pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurants. These don’t matter especially if you are in Singapore to explore rather than enjoy the lavish lifestyle.

Businessmen or tourists spending holidays can definitely go for any of the mid-range and budget hotels. But which places do you choose to stay? And how do you choose the perfect one for you?

There are a lot of factors involved in this, and we are going to guide you through the next.

Choosing the Right Accommodation in Singapore

Your stay in Singapore is like your home abroad. No matter how many days you are here, you need to have a comfortable place to crash. Also, the safety of your belongings is one of the most important factors to consider.

Accommodation in Singapore

This means not only about the bed you are going to sleep in and having a running shower but also how convenient the place is, where it is located, whether it is secured or not, and what you are getting for your money.

Then there is the fact of your Singapore itinerary and where you want to go during your stay. So this should be done in a well-planned manner. The first thing is what kind of accommodation you want to stay in. Better talk about that a little.

Identifying Personal Preferences and Priorities

The place you are going to stay in, be it a hotel, Airbnb, or hostel, should be to your liking. It should have all the amenities you want, should be around the area of your choice, and, more likely, a comfortable place to breathe in.

Maybe you are here for a holiday to explore the modern city; you need to be in the middle of the action, meaning Orchard Road. If you are looking for all the outdoor activities, then Sentosa Island is the place to be.

There is also the budget, which type of accommodation fits your budget. Also, there is calm and serenity; some like to be in the bustling city center, while some are in a bit of the countryside, close to nature.

So considering all of these, you have to ask yourself the following things and then decide on booking your stay.

Factors to Consider for your Accommodation

To make your hotel hunt a bit easier, we have gathered the most obvious things you should consider. Ask yourself the following questions:

Location and Transport:

What places do you want to visit, and is your accommodation around it? If not, is the transport close enough? You do need to have at least the MRT at walking distance. Or even the road where you can hail a cab. So, location matters.


You must have some amenities, which are the least you can expect. Working Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and laundry are the most common ones. Fitness centers and pools can come in as extras. Are these present in the selected accommodation?

Reviews and ratings:

People who have visited a place before you can tell you a lot of things. Are the reviews of the place good enough? Or there is something wrong? Additionally, check the photos posted by reviewers. Because ratings can be manipulated, but photos can’t.

Safety and security:

Safety is everyones number one priority. Though Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world, you should go for the places that have CCTV coverage of the whole area. Additionally, some places are lively with nightlife; if you are not comfortable with that, choose different places.

Cultural immersion opportunities​:

If you are a fan of different cultures and ethics, choose the places that are full of them. Singapore has a diverse culture of 5 or more ethnicities and religions, so living in a culturally significant area will give you a better experience.

With all of these considered, you are fully equipped to book the place you want to stay. Now, how do you do that? Let’s talk about it in the next section.

Utilizing Online Booking Platforms Effectively

In this age of technology, you can book your stay in any country beforehand online. Check out the most popular booking platforms to get all the information you need.

This includes the whole list from above, and you can also set different filters to narrow down the places you could stay.

You will also find honest reviews there rather than on the destinations’ social media. We recommend you book your hotel beforehand because not only does it save up on your cash, but it is also a requirement to get your visa.

With that, we should move on to recommend some places to stay, which will not only be convenient but also you will learn about some of the unique features and amenities. That’s up next.

Places to Stay in Singapore

Now that you have learned about all the price ranges, what to expect, and how to hunt for your place of stay in Singapore, let’s dive into the list of places that you can stay at. We will put them into 3 categories for your ease.

Places to Stay in Singapore

These are the top two hotels in the renowned areas of Singapore. Each area has attractions around it and is closer to any form of transport.

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Singapore

We can definitely call Singapore the Dubai of Southeast Asia. Why? Because it has all the luxury apartments, hotels, top restaurants, and other activities. Talk about gold and diamonds, right?

As a country that embraces its heritage with one arm and modernistic development with the other, some of the hotels come with a touch of both. Let’s start with one of them.

Central Business District (CBD)

We’ve selected 2 best luxurious hotels in Central Business District (CBD) area for your stay.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Singapore’s colonial history is still intact, with different monuments and buildings. One such is The Fullerton Hotel in the Central Business District. You will definitely love the history and luxury the hotel offers.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Unique feature: The hotel overlooks Marina Bay, which also is the former General Post Office.

Amenities offered: You will find an Infinity pool, luxury spa centers, multiple world-class restaurants, and afternoon tea time.

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Another colonial-era architecture that turned into a luxury hotel was the Raffles Hotel Singapore. The colonial era building with the afternoon tea tradition will definitely be an experience you will remember for a long time. It’s one of the hotels that you should stay in to have the experience of a lifetime.

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Unique Features: Buttler service for every suit, famous people like Rudyard Kipling and Charlie Chaplin stayed here.

Amenities offered: Numerous award-winning restaurants like Raffles Grill Long Bar are situated here. A high-end spa and a museum showcasing the history of the hotel are a unique touch.

Marina Bay

We’ve selected 2 luxurious hotels in Marina Bay area for your stay.

Marina Bay Sands

If you are looking to stay in the Marina Bay area, then surely you should stay in the Marina Bay Sands. It’s an experience to stay in one of the tallest hotels in Singapore and experience a 360 view of the city from the iconic observation deck.

Marina Bay Sands

Unique features: There is a SkyPark, an infinity pool, and an observation deck. Also, there are world-class casinos, theaters, shops, and multiple dine-in restaurants from celebrity chefs around the world.

Amenities: You will find multiple swimming pools, the ArtScience Museum, Broadway production theaters, and nightclubs in the hotel.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

For anyone who is living a lavish lifestyle or knows the trends, Ritz Carlton is a brand name you will have heard a couple of times. Their Singapore location is one of the top-notch hotels that money can afford with personalized spa services, Club Lounge, and also the panoramic view of the city.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Unique features: The hotel’s design itself is unique, and it earned an architectural design award. The crab-claw-like hotel also comes with a panoramic view of Singapore, all-glass bathrooms, and so much more.

Amenities offered: You will find Club Lounge, a luxurious spa-like other hotels but customized to your preference. At the same time, it has Michelin-starred restaurants and a French Fine Dining option in Colony. Swimming pool? Yes, there is a large one.

Orchard Road

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

If shopping is in your blood, and you want to stay in the Orchard Road area, then the Four Seasons Hotel is the one to go for. Tranquil gardens, innovative cuisines in renowned restaurants, and a soothing spa will definitely make your living worthwhile here.

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Unique features: Evergreen garden, waterfall lobby, and expansive terrace with a city view are some of the unique aspects of the hotel.

Amenities offered: They offer a spa with a twist of Chinese medicine treatment, Micheline-star restaurants like Jiang Nan Chun, and a large outdoor swimming pool.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

The name Shangri-La invokes a peaceful divinity. Similar to the Four Seasons, it is full of lush green gardens and a waterfall. Most importantly, an award-winning spa is situated here, along with the famous Horizon Club Lounge. The hotel is best for families, as it comes with large, connected rooms.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Unique features: The hotel comes with private balconies that give you a view of the city, Horizon Club Lounge for personal services, and interconnected rooms.

Amenities offered: Award-winning spa, the Chi ie situated in Shangri-La. Also, there are numerous restaurants with diverse cuisines, a large outdoor pool, and a well-equipped fitness center.

Clarke Quay

Swissotel Merchant Court

Although famous for its riverside market and restaurants, Clarke Quay has a hidden gem of a luxury spot to crash. The Swissotel Merchant Court is a European-inspired structure that gives you all the modern lavish amenities as well as stunning views and spa options. Foods? When in Clarke Quay, expect a wide range of international dining options.

Swissotel Merchant Court

Unique features: Riverside view, nightlife right out of the hotel, and a vast range of restaurants.

Amenities offered: The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and a poolside bar, multiple restaurants with international cuisine, a fully equipped fitness center, and an award-winning spa.

Park Royal Collection

Another great option near the riverside is the Park Royal Collection. This hotel has a traditional Singaporean architectural design with all the modern amenities. You get to have a front-row seat of the view of the city, as well as Clarke Quay by the side.

Additionally, there are award-winning dining options as well as poolside cabanas to relax.

Unique features: Close to Clarke Quay, so nightlife is within walking distance. Wide range of restaurant options inside and around the hotel. You’ll also have a stunning view of the city as well as the river at the same time.

Amenities offered: There is an outdoor swimming pool, where you can relax and look at the city. Moreover a fully functional fitness center and multiple restaurants that offer international cuisine. We can’t forget the Sky Bar, where you can have a drink and look at the Clarke Quay itself.

Sentosa Island

Capella Singapore

While in Singapore, you got to enjoy Sentosa Island. This resort dates back to the colonial era, touched by a modern twist. Villas have infinity pools, which are all private. Most importantly, if you have a love for the sea, then definitely book this resort for your stay.

Capella Singapore

Unique features: There are private pools in some rooms, which are in a colonial-era state, with a modern atmosphere.

Amenities offered: You get to enjoy the award-winning Auriga Spa and restaurants from world-class chefs like Cassia. There are also three outdoor swimming pools and a shuttle service over the island.

The St. Regis Singapore

If you want to bask in the culture of butler services with the beach in front of you like in the movies, then the ST Regis Singapore is the place to be. This beachfront hotel comes with award-winning restaurants, a spa, and obviously butler service for every room.

The St. Regis Singapore

Unique features: Obviously, the butler service for every room comes in first, then the panoramic view. There is also an art collection that is displayed all over the hotel, which is from world-class artists. It’s like living in an art exhibition itself.

Amenities offered: The hotel has the famous Iridium Spa with a broad menu of therapies and treatments. Also, the award-winning Italian restaurant La Brezza is located here. You will also get a large outdoor swimming pool with cabanas and a fitness center that overlooks the ocean.

There are many other options that you can choose from. But let’s not forget you can also book midrange hotels in Singapore. We are going to talk about them in the next section.

Mid-Range Hotels in Singapore

As we mentioned before, Singapore is a country with diverse cultures and traditions. With that in mind, many people come here for not only business but also solo travel or a family vacation.

Those who want to keep the stay cost under control but not sacrifice the amenities and services can go for any midrange hotel in Singapore.

These hotels are not like your average mid-range hotels but are classy enough to turn your heads. Let’s look at the most prominent ones around Singapore’s major destinations.

Central Business District (CBD)

Oasia Hotel Downtown

Nature and health enthusiasts would love this treasure of a hotel, so why? Because the eco-friendly rooms are decorated with wide windows and complimentary yoga mats. Feeling like taking a dip? Head to the rooftop infinity pool with a city view.

Oasia Hotel Downtown

Unique features: A rooftop infinity pool with the city as its backdrop, health and wellness-focused eco-friendly hotel.

Amenities offered: There are the common amenities along with an award-winning Spa. There is also a garden where you can spend some time with nature.

AMOY by Far East Hospitality

As we mentioned, Singapore is a combination of five or more cultures. AMOY is a combination of Chinese and Malay inspiration, with a Peranakan design theme all over. You will enjoy the rooms inspired by this theme, which is also in the heart of the CBD area.

AMOY by Far East Hospitality

Unique features: The Peranakan design theme of the hotel is the most unique feature. The blend of nature, color, and architecture is out of this world, soothing, and calming.

Amenities offered: Common amenities and an attractive location.

Marina Bay

The South Beach

We cannot leave out the luxurious ones at a great price, can we? In the heart of Marina Bay, the South Beach offers all the luxury, like a rooftop infinity pool, stylish rooms, and plush furniture. Also, you can enjoy the Singapore skyline from the rooftop.

The South Beach

Unique features: Rooftop infinity pool with the city as the backdrop.

Amenities offered: High-speed Wi-Fi, plush furnishing, and acclaimed in-house restaurants.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Another luxury option is the Fullerton Bay Hotel. It offers a waterfront view from each room, a relaxing spa treatment, and the dazzling life of Marina Bay during the night.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Unique features: An amazing waterfront view from each room and an Asian-inspired spa treatment.

Amenities offered: All the amenities a hotel can offer, with an option to enjoy the nightlife in the Marina Bay area.

​Orchard Road

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore

Shopaholics who want to stay in the Orchard Road area can look into the trendy and vibrant Hotel Jen Orchardgateway. The modern rooms have mood lighting and a rooftop pool with a city view. The most appealing part? The shopping malls are just a walk away.

Hotel Jen Orchardgateway Singapore

Unique features: Located in the heart of Orchard Road shopping malls. Also, there are bars and restaurants in the hotel itself.

Amenities offered: Mood lighting, rainfall showers, rooftop pool.

Quincy Hotel by Far East Hospitality

Quincy is a place where young and social travelers flock. The comfortable rooms come with smart technology and a minibar. The rooftop has a bar where you can socialize in a vibrant atmosphere.

Quincy Hotel by Far East Hospitality

Unique feature: Technology-focused rooms with smart controls and a complimentary minibar.

Amenities offered: Stylish rooms, rooftop bar, diverse cuisine, and high-speed wifi.

Clarke Quay

Novotel Singapore

If partying and bar life is your thing, then Novotel will not disappoint. This reliable hotel chain is located around the famous Clarke Quay, which gives you opportunities to enjoy the nightlife of Singapore. In addition to the drinks, you can enjoy international cuisines in its award-winning restaurants.

Novotel Singapore

Unique features: Outdoor pool with cabanas and in prime party location. Also, there are award-winning restaurants.

Amenities offered: Common amenities with large rooms.

M Social Singapore

The tech-savvy hotel is another one of the hotels where social people can stay. You get to have smartphone lending and in-room streaming services. Also, there is a rooftop bar with a stunning view of the Singapore skyline.

M Social Singapore

Unique features: Co-working space for remote workers, tech-savvy rooms with streaming services, and fast internet.

Amenities offered: Smartphone lending, a rooftop bar with city view, and all the modern amenities.

Sentosa Island

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Beach lovers who want to escape city life can call the Amara Sanctuary Resort their home in Singapore. This resort comes with a nature-focused structure with greenery, swimming pools, and comfortable rooms. It’s also good for families who are looking for a place to stay with their kids. Why? Because there are some unique features that are focused only on children.

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Unique features: Onsite recreational activities, children’s pool, and playground.

Amenities offered: Comfortable rooms with a swimming pool, gardens, and greenery.

Village Hotel Sentosa by Far East Hospitality

The name already has a warm and welcoming vibe to it. The Village Hotel in Sentosa is a family-friendly retreat where you get value for your money. With large rooms and a balcony that looks over the pool, you can have a blissful afternoon and evening winding down on life. The location is also convenient to all the beach attractions so that you can enjoy them more nearby. Moreover, it is friendly.

Village Hotel Sentosa by Far East Hospitality

Unique features: Universal Studios Singapore and SEA Aquarium nearby. The value for money is great as it comes with all the necessary amenities and some more.

Amenities offered: Large rooms with balconies, multiple swimming pools, children-friendly location near attractions, and convenient location.

So that was all for the mid-range hotels. These are only some of the few hotels that are top-notch in their category. You can also go for others if you find them worth a while. But if these don’t fit the budget, we have something for you next.

Budget Hotels and Hostels in Singapore

Obviously, Singapore is about experience and luxury, but what about the budget? Yes, you have to pay a fortune for the luxurious journey and a little less for the mid-range hotels.

As a country that caters to everyone, Singapore also has options for budget-friendly travelers. You can go from hotels to pods to hostels, spending less on your stay and more on the tour you have intended.

We have gathered some of the safest and possibly the worthiest places to stay on a budget in Singapore. They are mentioned, as you guessed it, depending on the areas you are planning to visit.

Central Business District (CBD)

MET A Space Pod

The Central Business District is a neighborhood all about convenience. Even the budget options come as fancy pods, where everything is available in a stylish fashion. Solo travelers who want to stay and experience a capsule hotel can check out the MET A Space Pod for their stay. It’s cozy, sleek, and affordable in all manners.

MET A Space Pod

Unique features: Futuristic design, good for one person.

Amenities offered: Personal lighting, air conditioning, and a locker for your luggage. There is a common area for socializing and working. The restrooms are also clean and tidy and common for all.

The Pod @ Beach Road Boutique Capsule Hotel

Another great capsule hotel is The Pod, which is in the CBD area. Similar to the one mentioned above, it is sleek and stylish and is located in the heart of Singapore. A solo traveler’s dream and a bucket list enthusiast’s to-do list can be checked out by staying in one of the pods.

The Pod @ Beach Road Boutique Capsule Hotel

Unique features: Simple capsule hotel, full of privacy for one.

Amenities offered: A common shower, social space, and workspace. Lockers for luggage are available. Personal reading lights, linens, and charging ports can be found in the pods.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay Sands – Hotel Annex

We know pods may not be your thing, so we’ve got you covered. In the Marina Bay area, Hotel Anex can be your budget-friendly stay. The hotel comes with exotic amenities like access to some of their resorts and the opportunity to experience the high life while paying very little.

Marina Bay Sands – Hotel Annex

Unique features: Access to the Marina Bay area resorts on a lesser budget.

Amenities offered: Comfy rooms with all the necessary amenities.

Dream Lodge

If traveling to Singapore is your dream, you had better stay at a place with the name on it. The Dream Lodge is one of the basic places to stay for a low budget. That too in the Marina Bay area.

Dream Lodge

Unique features: Basic comfortable stay with no hassle.

Amenities offered: Air conditioning, wifi, and convenient location.

Orchard Road

5footway.inn Project Ann Siang

The 5footway Inn is a prime location where you get to experience culture and tradition. It’s a shophouse hotel, that is mainly for the shopaholics, under the budget-crushing range.

5footway.inn Project Ann Siang

Unique features: Shophouse experience in the Orchard Road area.

Amenities offered: Laundry facilities, common social areas, and cultural heritage-themed rooms.

Rucksack Inn @ Temple Street

For solo travelers, you can also go to a hostel where you can crush, socialize, and meet fellow travelers. The Rucksack Inn is one such place where bunk beds, security, and low rent are available.

Rucksack Inn @ Temple Street

Unique features: Social hostel atmosphere with security.

Amenities offered: Lockers, communal shower, and bathrooms. There are also areas for socializing, relaxing, and movie night options.


Beary Best! Chinatown Hostel

We cannot forget Chinatown when we talk about budgeting. The bear-themed hotel, Beary Best is something that should be on your list if you are even staying in a luxury place. The comfortable rooms around the Chinatown neighborhood transport you to the country itself.

Beary Best! Chinatown Hostel

Unique features: Bear-themed hotel with decor and everything.

Amenities offered: Laundry facility with breakfast option.

Adler Hostel

Another good social hostel would be the Adler Hostel. This place has a rooftop bar, comfortable dorm, and obviously, in your budget range.

Adler Hostel

Unique features: Rooftop bar, socializing options.

Amenities offered: Bunk beds and lockers, communal shower and washrooms. There is also a shared kitchen space and relaxing space.

Little India

Campbell Inn

Nothing like the smell of Indian spice and curry. If you want to stay cost-effectively, the Campbell Inn in the Little India district can be your home. For your information, it is a heritage shophouse hotel, so the experience is phenomenal.

Campbell Inn

Unique features: Heritage shophouse.

Amenities offered: Cultural Indian decor, laundry, and shared lounge area for socializing.

Fern Loft

A good hostel should have all the eco-friendly amenities. The Fern Loft has it in its name. It’s an eco-conscious traveler’s dream to stay in a budget-friendly fashion in Little India.

Fern Loft

Unique features: Sustainable, eco-friendly design.

Amenities offered: Clean, comfortable bunk beds with lockers for your bags. You get a communal washroom and shower space. Also, there is a kitchen, which you will share with your hostelmates, and laundry facilities.

So we have covered all the solo travel or cost-effective budget travel. These places not only keep your costs at bay but also offer security, serenity, and more to spend on the activities Singapore has to offer.

But if you are looking for a fully-fledged homestay, like an Airbnb, there are also options for that. Let’s look at some of them next.

Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

Airbnbs and vacation rentals give you more options and comfort than a hotel room ever will. If you are going to have a get-together and have a family with you in your holidays, then these are the perfect options.

Charming Studio in Chinatown

The Charming Studio is an apartment complex where you can get a full-size home to yourself. At the same time, you can get the full Chinatown experience. Hawker centers, historic Chinese sites, and a bustling market are just around the corner

Charming Studio in Chinatown

Also, you will find some apartments with rooftop hanging-out areas, and some are located in pre-war shophouses. So heritage meets stay, we say!

Heritage Townhouse in Little India

While we are at heritage, we cannot leave Little India behind. The traditional Heritage Townhouse offers an architectural experience along with a cultural outlook on the Indian aspect. You can also enjoy all the modern amenities. Carved wooden doors, courtyards, and a rooftop garden are the unique features that surely will put a smile on your face.

Heritage Townhouse in Little India

Cozy Apartment near Orchard Road

Another great Airbnb option would be the Cozy apartments around the Orchard Road area. These apartments are comfortable for anyone who wants to explore the sights and, more importantly, the shopping scene in Singapore.

Cozy Apartment near Orchard Road for stay

Some apartments offer private balconies, jacuzzi bathtubs, and so on.

Luxury Skyline Apartment with Infinity Pool

If you are thinking luxury with your apartment stay, then the Luxury Skyline apartment is your thing. It comes with a full view of the city, high-end living areas, and all the amenities your money can buy.

Some homes feature smart home technology, a house fitness center, personal chef service, and, more importantly, an Infinity Pool.

Luxury Skyline Apartment to stay in Singapore

By now, you get a clear picture of how and where you can select your perfect stay while in the country. These places offer a wide range of amenities as well as unique features depending on the location and prices.

You can enjoy sights, eat your heart out, deal with businesses, and do anything to your heart’s content. But at the end of the day, you will have a place to call your home, feel secure and safe.

A bit of insider tip can also make your Singapore stay a little bit memorable. So, we have gathered some in the next section of the article.

Insider Tips for a Memorable Stay

A trip to Singapore is never complete without some hidden information. What to eat, where to look for a thrilling experience, how to avoid the hassle of transport, and so much more can be learned before your travel.

As a country that has lots of downpours, you should be prepared for it. Bringing an umbrella and breathable clothes will make your journey more comfortable. Depending on the time of the year, you may experience humidity or soothing weather. You can also find out the best time to visit Singapore guide for broader information on it.


While you are planning your stay, it is always a good idea to have a list of things you want to do in the country. There is so much to experience in the 734.3 km² Singapore that you cannot even imagine. A 5-day Singapore itinerary would be the best way to go. 

Before you leave, though, make sure you have all your documents at the ready. This means your passport, visa, and SG arrival card. You can always apply for your Singapore visa online. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time (only 5 minutes), and you get everything mailed to your inbox. No visit to any office or embassy, no paperwork at all. 

Do not forget to shop around Singapore. Be it for gifts, fashion, style, clothes, or technology, go walk around in the Orchard Road area shopping malls and visit Chinatown and Little India for traditional handicrafts and spices. There are a lot of places to shop, 9 zones for shopping to be exact. So be sure to check them out. 

Also, try out the delicacies. As a business hub, Singapore is a common ground for folks all around the world. So you will witness a lot of international cuisines, as well as local ones. Try them all out, one by one. You can also check out some suggestions for the best places to eat in Singapore if you want some clues and recommendations.

Last but not least, the transport. There is no one way you can move around the city. Public and private transport is always available at the go-out of your door at any time of the day. The MRT, LRT, bus services, taxis, and luxury vehicles are just a few of them. You also get to have a Tourists Pass for your transport in Singapore. Make sure you use it because it offers you a free pass on all public transport.

With that, you will have a great journey and a lot of stories to tell later on.


In the end, we can say that Singapore is a diverse country with lots of traditions, heritage, and nationalities. It’s a melting pot of culture, religion, and people of different walks of life. Apart from the luxurious lifestyle that Singapore offers, there is room for everyone, even for Baby Shark costumes.

You can enjoy your time with every budget, no matter how small or big it is. It’s the experience that matters and the respect that we show and get in return for a journey. Abiding by the law of a different country makes the journey more enjoyable, so make sure you do that.

We wish you a safe journey and a stay of your liking and budget. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience when you come back!

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Usama Jahangir

"Words, research, music, repeat. Throw some words at me, and I will bring them back magnificently. You never know what hides behind a word, it's a mystery that keeps on unfolding. While writing is my passion, my hobbies include trying new cuisines and music."
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