Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days

Singapore looks small in size but packs a whole lot of fascinating finds. As the business hub of Southeast Asia, there is a lot to do, see, and experience.

A simple transit through Changi Airport tells you how beautiful Singapore can be. For your information, Changi Airport has been dubbed one of the best airports in the world.

With that said, your trip in Singapore can be a bit confusing if you do not know what to do or where to go. Although the country is half the size of London, there is a lot of fun attractions, eateries, and cultural significance to witness.

To help you with your Singapore trip, we have come up with a Singapore Itinerary for five days. We know five days don’t seem much, but we assure you, we’ve got everything covered in it.

So grab a cold one, and let’s start the itinerary for Singapore.

Planning a Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days

Any good journey begins with good planning. No matter if it is your first time or not, traveling to Singapore for five days might overwhelm you. As there is so much to experience and explore in the Lion City, it is essential to be well-prepared.

This includes getting your travel documents ready, booking your flight tickets, also securing a place to stay, and then planning your itinerary.

Singapore Itinerary for 5 Days

Additionally, we cannot leave out the fact of packing your bags. Singapore is a tropical country, meaning there will be rain. With rain, there will be humidity. So make sure to pack your clothes accordingly.

Quick-drying and breathable fabrics are the best to wear in the country. While you are out, carry an umbrella or a raincoat in your tote bag. Sunglasses and sunscreen are essential. You can also wear a hat if you want to give off the full travel vibe.

You can also check out travel videos of Singapore to get a glimpse of what to pack, expect, and check out right after you land here.

Before you can even travel, you may need to have your Singapore visa. Without it, you will be stuck in Immigration. So lets talk about it next.

Get a Singapore Visa Beforehand

A Singapore visa is necessary for 36 countries. If you are from one of the countries mentioned below, then you will have to apply for a Singapore visa before your travel.

There’s no need to panic; we’ve got you covered in the visa application process. You can easily apply for a Singapore Visa Online. The requirements are simple. If you have a valid passport with six months of validity, a copy of your recently taken passport-size photo, an inbound and outbound ticket, and a hotel booking, then you can apply for your Singapore visa anytime from the comfort of your home.

You do need to book your flight ticket, so make sure to do so beforehand. Booking ahead also gets you great prices, as ticket prices skyrocket as the departure time approaches.

Also, the hotel booking, the place you need to crash right after you land, is essential. Nobody wants to wander around with their luggage, right? So, let’s talk about that a little.

Places to Stay in Singapore

While you are in Singapore, you just cannot hop on to each ride and crash there for the night. You do need a place to stay. Also it is necessary to get a secured one as you will have your valuables with you.

Places to Stay in Singapore

Singapore is known for its high-quality hotels, lavish shopping malls, and high rises. Though it is a small island country, they do know how to live and greet their guests.

As they are very hospitable, you will find hotels based on your budget and preferences. You will find it all, ranging from midrange budget to luxury hotels. Here is a list of the locations where you should look for hotels based on your budget, attractions, and proximity to them.

Budget Hotels

Travel should be based on the sight seeing and enjoying yourself. A budget hotel is always a good option if you dont want all those fancy stuff, or traveling solo. Locations like Little India, Geylang, and Kallang are full of budget hotels.

Accommodation in Singapore

Hotel Boss and Village Hotel Bugis by Far East Hospitality are the two you can look into. If you need something a bit a fancy in the budget range, then The Scarlet Singapore in the China Town district will definitely impress you. Its a boutique hotel with some great amenities.

Mid Range Hotels

As Singapore is a place of convenience and comfort, you will find plenty of Mid-range hotels spread across the city. Marina Bay, Orchard Road, and Central Business District (CBD) are the three most common places to get a hotel under a mid-range budget.

Mid Range Hotels in Singapore

PARKROYAL and Swissotel The Stamford are the two most popular hotels that you should look into. They are both in the Marina Bay and Orchard Road area so you will be close to all the attractions and shopping malls.

If you are looking for something in the CBD area, then Fairmont Singapore is a good option. You will find Raffles City and City Hall within walking distance.

Luxury Hotels

Singapore is known for its luxury. All the extravagant cars, the best restaurants in the world, and stay can be found here.

You can book a Luxury hotel at locations like Marina Bay and Santosa Island. While at Marina Bay, you cannot look away from the iconic Marina Bay Sands and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore.

Luxury Hotels in Singapore

These are full of luxury, surrounded by the sea, and have casinos. The Fullerton Bay Hotel is also a restored colonial building, so you can also be a part of history.

Talking about colonial buildings, Capella Singapore on Santosa Island was also once such a hotel. Looking at the South China Sea, this hotel can also be your stay while you are in Singapore.

As hotel booking is also a requirement for your Singapore visa, make sure you book ahead and get some deals if there is one available.

So, we are all set with the trip. Let’s start with Day 1 of your itinerary in Singapore. Shall we?

Day 1: Cultural Heritage Sites in Singapore

Your Singapore journey should start with exploring Singapore’s cultural site. Why? Because it is a place where you find not only Singaporean culture but a mix of Malay, Chinese,
Indian, Eurasian, and Peranakan cultures. So, you’d better start with it and experience how vast and unique Singapore is.

Cultural Heritage in Singapore

Start your morning with Singapore’s rich Chinese heritage in Chinatown. The fresh produce, handcrafts, and spices will surely delight you. Walk around the district and take everything in.

While you are in Chinatown, you cannot miss the Buddha Tooth Relic temple. It is not a temple but a monument from the Tang Dynasty. What’s even more fascinating is that it houses the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha! So, it is a must-visit spot in Singapore.


In the afternoon, head to Little India, as we are exploring cultures, Indian culture is a must. People from all over india has called Singapore their home for a very long time. And you will find all of their regional influences here.

Colorful shophouses with flower decorations and garland lines, even on the street, will signify that you are truly in India. You cannot leave out the scent of spice while you are here.

Explore Sri Veeramakkaliman Temple, the oldest Hindu Temple in Singapore. Do not miss out on losing yourself in the vibrant textile shops. Do some shopping if you are looking for Indian fabrics, clothes, and more.

As you are in the Indian district, make sure to have your lunch here. Savor the delicious South Indian vegetables. This will be an experience to remember if you haven’t had an Indian meal on a banana leaf because that is the authentic way the South Indians eat.


While the sun sets on the Singapore coast, head to the historic Singapore River. Get on a river cruise. It will be a bit different than any other river cruise you have been on.

Watch how a bustling city turns into a dazzling display of lights. Enjoy the scenic landmarks from the boat as it passes by the famous Clarke Quay. Also, Marina Bay is right around the corner.

After a long day of exploring, have dinner at Clarke Quay. There is a whole bunch of restaurants nestled right beside the river, offering different international and local cuisines.

Day 2: Garden and Wildlife in Singapore

After a plentiful rest, start your second day with some new energy. Because we are going out on the wild, with nature, close to serenity and obviously, some thrills.

Garden and Wildlife in Singapore

There is nothing like walking in the garden in the morning. The calm sense of ease grasps you and gives you a deep understanding of your inner self and life as a whole. But what if you can transport yourself to the near future with futuristic trees?

Head on to the Gardens by the Bay, the area is full of plant life from the highlands of Singapore. Most famously, be awestruck to see the towering futuristic Super tree Grove.

Check out the cool, tropical and misty Cloud forest. Even though its not quite the rainforest, you will definitely feel like out in the wild.

While you are are at it, enjoy the city view from the top of the OCBC Skyway. The breathtaking view will give an idea about how beautiful Singapore is.


Nature is absent without its animal counterparts. Head to the world-famous Singapore Zoo to look at the marvelous animals thriving in the enclosure.

Yes we know, how cruel zoos are. But Singapore Zoo is different than any other zoo you have come across till now. There are habitats for each of the animal species where they get to live in. No wonder they won award for it.

While you are at the zoo, make sure to take the tram ride to have a better view of each of the animals. Also, check out the River Wonders to look at the birds and nature itself from a close encounter.

If you have kids with you, there is also a kids’ corner where guides let them interact with different animals. On your way out, don’t forget to get some souvenirs from the gift shop. You can also enjoy lunch in the Zoo cafes.


An adventure is incomplete if you haven’t witnessed some Nightlife. Lo and behold! The Night Safari! Visit the world’s first Mandai Nocturnal Zoo to check out the animals that are coming out in the dark.

Creatures like leopards, tigers, and flying lemurs are some of the animals you will encounter. You can choose from tram tours, walking tours, and animal shows.

After you are done with the safari, check in one of the restaurants there. They offer a great number of options, and the quality is amazing.

Day 3: The Modern Singapore

You cannot leave modern Singapore behind while you are here. So the third day starts with exploring the modern wonders, beaches, studios, and shows.

The Modern Singapore

The most enjoyable time of the day is in the early morning when the sea is calm, there is a breeze, and you are under the sun.

Head to Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island to explore pristine sands and clear waters. Dive in the sea and enjoy the calmness around you.

After the sea thrill, head to the Surf Pool, the first ever in Southeast Asia, to surf on some waves.

If that isn’t thrilling enough, the AJ Hackett Sentosa will surely fill that up! They are known for their highest bungy jumping in the world, outside of Macau, of course. Put on some ropes and dive towards the South China Sea to scream your hearts out in thrill!

When all of the thrill and adventures are done, head to Universal Studios Singapore for some theme park time. You will not only be able to watch movies, but enjoy rides based on Transformers and Jurassic Park.


In the afternoon, after a fun-filled morning, head to the Marina Bay Sands. You will find the world’s largest infinity pool here. Only hotel guests can access this, so if you are one of them, don’t miss it. Some Instagram-worthy posts can be shot here.

But if you are not a hotel guest, you can visit the SkyPark observation deck. It offers a 360-degree view of the area around it.

After that, head on to the ArtScience Museum. The museum has an award for its exhibitions that blend art, science, and technology. The jaw-dropping show will surely mesmerize you.


Head on to Marina Bay to enjoy the ‘Wonder Full’ light and water show. As you witnessed how Singapore turns into a dazzling light show itself, this one involves closer details and uses the waterfront as a canvas.

With light as its guide, you will be in a trance, watching the synchronizing motions accompanied by soundtracks. It’s like New Year’s Eve: You can watch the ball roll over and over again.

Call it a night after having dinner at CE LA VI in the Marina Bay Sands. The restaurant is one of the top hotels in Singapore and is a fusion between Asian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Day 4: Nature and Adventures

While there was a bit of water adventure on the previous day, the actual thrill starts today. You cannot leave Singapore without trekking in the wild and watching the birds and marine life. We are going to do all of that today!

Nature and Adventures in SIngapore

Right after your morning, wake up with coffee and breakfast and head to MacRitch Reservoir Park. Make sure you are wearing your trekking shoes because it’s all about walking today. Enjoy the lush green rainforest, waterways in between, and colorful birds.

Most enticing of all, the TreeTop Walk is situated here. We have all heard of Tarzan and even watched cartoons and movies, but experiencing 250 meters above the ground is something else. The free-standing suspension bridge lets you walk around and have a panoramic view of the rainforest at the same time.

The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also a place to look at if you are a hiking enthusiast. This is a protected rainforest and one of the oldest one in Singapore. You will find exotic plant and wildlife here like boards and colugos or flying lemurs if you are fortunate enough.


As we are going all nature today, enjoy your time in the afternoon watching Birds at Birds Paradise (Former Jurong Bird Park)

The aviary park allows you to walk and watch over 3,500 birds from at least 400 species, which is hard to witness in one lifetime unless you are an ornithologist.

Enjoy the bird shows, and interact in different birds while hand feeding them. Its really cute how the feathery friends live, fly and interact with humans once they find their habitat and society.


The adventure doesn’t end here. While the sun is setting, move to Sentosa Island to enjoy some dives in the theme parks. The Adventure Cove Waterpark holds some of the most exhilarating water slides and wave pools that you can ever witness.

Get on to them and enjoy the drops, twists, and turns, and relax as the water flows over your body.

If you still want something even over the top, the MegaZip Adventure Park will be a good challenge. As Asia’s longest mega zipline, you can have a full view of Sentosa Island while gliding through it.

For dinner, indulge in the local cuisine of Satay, Hainanise Chicken Rice, and Chili Crab. You can find it in every restaurant, whether high-end or budget.

Day 5: Leisure Time and Shopping

Do you think we would let you on adventures only? Wrong. On the last day of your Singapore trip, it’s a day full of fun shopping and relaxing.

Leisure Time and Shopping in Singapore

Start the day right away with shopping on Orchard Road. It is home to all of Singapore’s trendy boutiques, luxury brands, and designer outlets.

Move on to the iconic ION Orchard after that for some more international brand indulgence. Also, check out the breathtaking views while you are here.

VivoCity in Sentosa Island is also a great place if you are not having fun. Make sure to check it out if you want some variety and exploration of the seaside at the same time.

If you have a love for aesthetics, then head to the Singapore Handicraft Center in Tanglin Road. You will find souvenirs that are locally made, gifts, hand-painted fabrics, and traditional beadwork jewelry.


Take a break from all the shopping and check out the Singapore Botanic Gardens, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s an iconic place where you will find diverse plant life from around the world, as well as the National Orchid Garden and so much more.

Bring your kids with you if have them to have a picnic around the lawns of the garden. Talking about kids, the Jacob Balls Children Garden is a place where you should go with them, to give them a taste of nature, imagination and fun time. It has a playground that inspire them to imagine about nature, and love it at the same time.


Since its the last day in Singapore, go on a culinary adventure of your lifetime. Singapore is home to some of the world class restaurants, so better you try them out.

Check out Spago by Wolfgang Puck at Marina Bay Sands. The award winning chefs menu will surely give you a different taste of singapore. Infused with Californian influence, it is a experience of a lifetime.

Another restaurant you can check out is the Altitude Restaurant at 1 Altitude. Its located on the 63rd floor of One Raffles Place with a 360 degree view of Singapore. While the cousin is European, the blend of fresh and local ingredients is the most intriguing.

Tips and Tricks

To have a great experience in Singapore, you have to be prepared. Here are some of the tips from our last journey there:

  • Singapore uses the Singapore Dollar as its currency. You can use cards, too, as it is a convenient country. But have a little cash for cabs, hawker centers, and small shops.
  • Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) and public buses are the easiest ways to get around the city. You can get a Singapore Tourist Pass to ride them for free while you are here. For detailed information, check out our transport in Singapore guide.
  • Wear quick dry and breathable fabric. Remember to hydrate as Singapore is a humid country and you will sweat a lot.
  • You can book and buy attraction tickets online. Each of the abovementioned attractions has its own booking system. You can cut the queue and save a lot of time for more adventures.
  • Dress modestly while visiting temples and mosques.
  • Do not litter, as it will get you a fine.
  • Tourists can get special SIM card while in singapore. You can buy them from the airport right after arrival or around any convenience store around the country.


Singapore is a diverse country with a lot of experiences to witness. While this itinerary includes all of the most anticipated destinations, some of the hidden gems are also included.

You can also customize your itinerary by mixing one with another or focusing on your specific interests. The five days you will be in Singapore will be memorable on, an experience of a lifetime, we would say. So make sure you enjoy your fullest experience of the rich culture, nature, and heritage of the country.

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