Global Leadership Summit 2024 in Singapore

There are a lot of events and summits that take place around the world. Creating leadership, inspirational speeches, entrepreneurship, and so much more are involved in the events. All of which aim for a better and brighter future.

But the Global Leadership Summit is a bit different. They started back in 1992 with the aim of bringing in speakers and leaders from different backgrounds as well as cultures.

This makes the diversity of the summit come to one mixing pot of ideas and endless possibilities. This year, the Global Leadership Summit 2024 is taking place in Singapore, the land of millions of possibilities and innovation.

So what is the main topic they are going to talk about? Why is it significant? Where should you register to attend the summit?

In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the Global Leadership Summit 2024. We’ll talk about the famous leaders who will be there, the interesting things they’ll discuss, and how you can be part of it, either in person or online.

The Global Leadership Summit in 2024

The Global Leadership Summit 2024 (GLS24) is a mission of the Global Leadership Network to cultivate leaders worldwide through their nonprofit initiatives. This annual event converges ministry and marketplace experts, delivering dynamic speeches that challenge and inspire attendees.

The Global Leadership Summit

In return, the expectation is to change the world by each individual attendee and their surroundings through them.

As there are different types of people all around us, the summit brings together pastors, best-selling authors, artists, professors, and also sports coaches to make it more diverse and energetic. This gives attendees the opportunity not only to connect with speakers from the same kind of background but also to experience other speakers and their ideas.

The motto of GLS24 is “Leadership with a Higher Purpose.” So, they are not only making or bringing out leaders inside an individual but giving a thorough insight on how to equip yourself with the tools and means around you to change the world.

As all of the speakers come from different backgrounds and experiences, they will share their successes as well as the struggles and hurdles they had to go through. As they have come forward to inspire people from within themselves, it is an event that is hard to miss.

The belief of being a leader is to think of a better future, something beyond that, and they encourage not only themselves with that but also the people around them by uplifting them. That is the main purpose of the GLS24.

GLS24 will cover a wide range of topics like Christianity, the purpose of business and marketing, entrepreneurship, life activity and focus, and how to empower people around you.

With all of this information, you would surely want to know the location and transportation to and from the summit. So, let’s look into that next.

Global Leadership Summit Location and Transportation

The Global Leadership Summit in Singapore will take place on the 30th (Wednesday) and 31st (Thursday) of  October 2024. As the date is still far away, the venue is still yet to be decided. You can check out more information about the venue from their GLS24 Singapore website.

Global Leadership Summit

But in the meantime, you can register for your or your group’s place at the summit. We need to talk about it for your convenience.

GLS24 Registration Process

The registration process for the GLS24 is pretty straightforward. Whether you are registering as an individual or group, both options are available online.

Let’s walk you through both the individual and group registration process now.

GLS24 Registration Process

Individual Registration

For individual registration, you have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the registration button.
Step 2: Start by selecting from ‘an individual’ and then ‘I am the Group Leader.’
Step 3: Type in all the required information. If a specific field does not apply to you, write ‘NA’ and move to the next.
Step 4: Fill out the payment form next. Select your method of payment from a bank cheque, bank transfer, or PayNow.
Step 5: Then press ‘submit.

Group Registration

GLS24 Singapore group registration is almost like individual registration. Instead of an individual with one person’s information, you have to select a group leader, and others are members; that’s the difference.

Also, you have to mention each group member’s information. Each group can have four (4) members. The process goes as follows:

Step 1: Click on the registration button.
Step 2: Start by selecting from ‘a group of four people’ and then ‘I am the Group Leader.’ (members will select ‘I am a member’)
Step 3: Type in all the required information. If a specific field does not apply to you, write ‘NA’ and move to the next.
Step 4: Fill out the payment form next. Select your method of payment from a bank cheque, bank transfer, or paynow.
Step 5: Then press submit.

Register via Phone

You can also register via phone by calling or sending an email to the registration contact. The information is listed below:

Sharon Ho
+65 84183306 / [email protected]

Note: You have to mail the registration form and cheque to:

GLS Singapore Ltd.
My mailbox 880143, Singapore 919191.

The payment must be made within a week if you register via the website or phone. Make sure to provide your name/church’s/organization’s name and related information on the back of the cheque.

You can travel to Singapore with the convenience of an eVisa. As the Singapore eVisa process is totally online, it requires no visit to any embassy or consulate. Just fill out an online visa application form, and you can get your visa within a short processing time. Moreover, the eVisa is sent to your email when approved, which is always a good thing.

You can contact the registration contact for further information, too. As the registration process is out of the way, we do need to know the agenda of the summit that’s happening in Singapore. So let’s dive into it, shall we?

Summit Agenda and Topics

The agenda of the Global Leadership Summit is in its name, bringing out potential leaders in every person.

While they are at it, they teach you how to be a leader with three key elements. These are your intentions, impactful thinking, and how you can inspire others.

agenda of the Global Leadership Summit

The main aspects of topics vary from Christianity as a whole and thinking of each individual as Jesus himself. As Jesus leads His men to prosperity and success, the GLS24 also aims to stop and think with all the like-minded individuals.

With Jesus as the guide, it is time to refuel, refocus, and move on to the next phase of development. The summit not only focuses on religion but also involves evolving one to uplift others surrounding them.

This gives ground for technology, business, commerce, entrepreneurship, and many more fields. However, it’s a two (2) day summit, and the practical skills that the attendees will get will be life-changing for them.

Talking about speeches and leadership, let’s talk about the speakers themselves, as they are the ones who will be addressing different issues and topics.

Key Speakers and Presenters

A leadership summit is nothing without its speakers and presenters. This year, the GLS24 summit will have at least six prominent speakers. The list is not conclusive, as more speakers can join in later on.

Here are the key individuals who are going to present their speeches at the summit:

leadership summit

1. Craig Groeschel

Craig is the founder & senior pastor of life.church. Glassdoor marked his organization as the number one workplace in 2011. He incorporated technology into his church mission and has influenced hundreds of churches to go online to provide a virtual church experience. He is also a best-selling author, making him a prominent speaker in his field and innovation.

2. Molly Fletcher

The first female sports agent, Molly Fletcher, is tagged as the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN themselves. She not only represented the top faces of the sports world but also negotiated millions during that time. She is also the founder of Game Changer Performance Group and a best-selling author. If you are interested in influencing, negotiating, and building a career in any form or representing organizations or individuals, you shouldn’t miss her speech.

3. Amy Edmondson

If you are keen on learning how to interact with other people in your journey, then Amy Edmondson is the speaker you should aim for. A Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, she has researched and written seven books, 150 articles, and case studies on the topic. Thinkers50 has dubbed her as the most influential thinker and management thinker twice.

4. Michael Jr.

Actor, author, and comedian Michael Jr will also be a key speaker at the GLS24. With his unique skill of communication, he can make thousands of people laugh and also make the world a better place. This made him be in places like TEDx, The Tonight Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. So, to get an insight on how to develop your communication skills with a touch of laughter, be sure to check out his speech at the summit.

5. Mike Krzyzewski "Coach K"

There is nothing like a speech from a leader, especially one who leads a country and gets three Olympic medals. Meet Mike Krzyzewski or better known as Coach K. He was the head men’s basketball coach at Duke University, an inspirational speaker, motivator, planner, organizer, and innovator. You can learn how to deal with different organizations, uplifting your teammates to reach your goals and overall life lessons.

6. Erwin McManus

When leadership speeches come, you should take it from someone who has worked with organizations like the NFL and Pentagon. Erwin McManus is an artist who has coached CEOs, celebrities, athletes, and global leaders on focusing on the vast possibilities by removing the inner limitations within us. Also, he is the pastor of Mosaic and a best-selling author.

Networking Opportunities

Leadership means not only guiding people to the goal but also communicating and building networks around the globe. The Global Leadership Summit 2024 is a place where people from all around the world will gather to witness the speakers and presenters, as well as create a network among themselves.

Networking Opportunities in Global Leadership Summit

This creates a stage to meet new people, communicate with different backgrounds and industries, and learn new skills. At the same time, you can share your ideas, collaborate with different leaders, and get insight to overcome geographical boundaries.

As people from all over the globe gather under one roof sharing the same goal, you get to meet people with the same ideas and obstacles in their way. This gives you a platform to build a network among them and create solutions to different problems you face as a leader or an individual.

Apart from the speakers, attendees also can share their personal experiences at the root level, which encourages everyone. So it’s a gathering of ideas, wisdom, and overcoming hurdles together. There are millions of possibilities and doors that will unlock with one summit that does every year.

The Global Leadership Summit main campus also holds a Studio experience for their guests every year. This event brings in thousands of leaders from around the world who present their speeches live on stage. It is an opportunity for networking with a book signing and exclusive merchandise. Also, visiting Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois, where it all started, is something out of this world.

This year, it has come to Singapore. The best part is you are not only overcoming everything; you’re learning and sharing your own, too.


The truth to be told, the world runs on leadership. Even if we look back at our human history, there have been leaders everywhere in the world and in every event. The GLS24 is a testament that no border can enclose ideas and knowledge if used with a purpose and proper vision.

The summit also emphasizes that leadership is a skill to be built, not earned. Anyone can be a leader if they know how to. With proper leadership, any community and society can prosper under God’s kingdom.

To do that, incorporating the modern world, you have to hear stories, share ideas, and gather knowledge and network. What better place to do that than the Global Summit in Singapore?

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