Singapore Holidays and Festival Time

If you are planning to visit Singapore, you might be interested to know about the various holidays and festivals in the country. It is a delight to visit Singapore during the holiday times, as the city is sparkling and bustling with warmth and tourists all around. Among the many popular festivals, let us talk about a few which you might find of interest.

The Great Singapore Sale


The Great Singapore Sale is a shopper’s paradise. It is an annual affair which takes place between the months of June and July. The retail stores offer unbelievable discounts to up to 70%. The country is flocked with tourists who come from many countries to shop. Singapore houses the biggest brands be it fashion, clothes, accessories and electronics. So if you are planning to go for a shopping to Singapore, make sure to travel during this yearly festival time to avail the best discounts ever. You are sure to take home some extra luggage.

Chinese New Year


Singapore has a massive Chinese population. The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest and longest holidays in Singapore. The celebration can be seen all around the island. Visiting China Town during this time is quite a feast. The streets are adorned with beautiful lights and there are performances and music all around. The streets are filled with hawkers selling decorative items, goods, and Chinese food. Orchard road, the premium section of the island features carnivals and float parades. It is definitely one of the best time to visit Singapore.

Singapore Heritage Fest 


The Singapore Heritage fest are generally scheduled in between end April to mid-May. It is a celebration to display and celebrate the vivid culture and heritage of the country. It is garnering quite an interest among first-timers who get to witness, the true authentic Singaporean culture. Authentic Singaporean street food is a major attraction to the heritage fest.

National Day


The national day of Singapore is 9th of August. The national parade at the Marina Bay is a very important celebration. Over 25,000 visitors come to see the 45 minutes parade followed with magnificent fireworks which dot the sky. The national flag colours red, white and blue is adorned by most people and is etched across the magnificent Singaporean skyline.

Singapore Fireworks Festival


This festival is celebrated around the national day in Singapore. It is a 4-day affair which is held annually. Almost 300,000 visitors come to see this spectacle. Thousands of fireworks are displayed across the night sky. It is an extravagant celebration and a visual delight for those who visit during the early week of August. The fireworks are specially brought from all over Europe.

Christmas and New Year


Whoever you are traveling with, be it with a family with kids, or just couples, or among friends, the best time to visit Singapore is definitely in between Christmas and New Year. The Christmas decorations are adorned all across the islands. The Orchard road and the malls are filled with festivities. Shopping and celebrations are at a peak. The night clubs, hotels, pubs feature special music and offers. It is definitely the best place to celebrate Christmas and bring the New Year in a high spirit.

Singapore Food Festival

Singapore Food Festival

The Singapore food festival generally happens during the last two week of July, marking the end of the Great Singapore Sale. If you love Cantonese cuisine and seafood, this would be the place on top of your bucket list. Though people seldom travel only for food, however, visitors coming to Singapore during end July can enjoy limitless options to eat and explore.

Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon boat festival occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese calendar, which generally falls in June. The dragon boat race is common among citizen and international rowers, who come to participate in the race. People celebrate by beating drums, eating rice dumplings and drinking wine. The celebrations are also referred as the dumpling festival.

Singapore International Film Festival


One of the most prestigious film festivals in East Asia, the Singapore International Film Festival or SIFF is a major event that all filmmakers and cine-enthusiasts look forward to. There are participants from all over the world. About 200 films and documentaries are featured during the festival. The festival authorities also conduct workshops and organize seminars for the people who are interested in participating. It is a festival to look forward to. It is appreciated and visited by many people who come to see the ground-breaking, path changing movies done by Asian artists.

Singapore Fashion Festival

Singapore Fashion Festival

Singapore is definitely the fashion capital of Asia and features the world’s best labels and fashion brands. The fashion festival in Singapore is a 14-day gala affair which is generally scheduled between April and May. Labels from the country and in and around the world, walk the ramps and showcases their collection. It is a must visit amongst the fashionistas in Asia. The festival also gives an opportunity to the students studying the art in the Singapore fashion schools. It is mostly an all paid event, with very exclusive entry and expensive passes, however, some events might be free.

Singapore International Arts Festival

Singapore International Arts Festival

Singapore celebrates art. If you are visiting the country in between May and June, you may see parks filled with artists, theatres featuring varied plays, operas, dance shows and musical nights in galore. The Singapore International Arts Festival is an annual festival celebrated all across the Lion City.  Most of the shows are free while some come with entrance fees. It is a mesmerizing experience and marks a cultural confluence as most of these artists are foreigners who travel to come and show their art.

Vesak Day

Vesak Day

Vesak Day is a Buddhist celebration. It occurs on the first full moon day of the fourth lunar month. For the people who follow Buddhism, this special day is celebrated by following a strict vegetarian diet. Some release captive birds and animals, to mark the holiness of the day.

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