Singapore Tourist Centre

Don’t know from where to start? Which way to travel? Well, the first thing you can do is visit the Singapore tourist center. Running under the Singapore Tourism Board, the Singapore tourist Center or the Visitor’s Center is where you get all your requirements fulfilled. Discovering the true essence of Singapore becomes much easier when you get all the help from the guides of the tourist center.

All that you could need, starting from directions and maps, attractions and shows, to the famous and renowned eateries, all the information will be served to you under one roof. Situated at the Orchard Road, the tourist center is an old colonial style of a building. The tourist center brings to you the heritage of Singapore. It displays unique exhibits of art and craft, which reflect the culture of Singapore. It is one of the best places to rely on, if you want know and see Singapore at its best! It is located at:

216 Orchard Road,
Singapore – 238 898, (near the Orchard MRT Station)
Phone No:  +65-6736-2000.

It’s easily locatable and if you are having any kind of trouble to reach there, give them a call or can email addressed to. The guides will give you a tour of Singapore in one of the best way possible. They will start right from the history to the traditional aspects, cultural beliefs and modern approach. They will lead you to all the major attractions of Singapore and the history behind them. The culture of Singapore, the architecture, the art and craft, the nature and wildlife, the food – these are all important parts of Singapore tourism.

The tourist center will serve you with ample amount of things to do, various places to visit and the essence to feel and cherish forever.

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