Checklist to Avoid Singapore Visa Rejection

Singapore is the business hub of Southeast Asia. Due to its political stability and good relations with most countries in the world, it is considered the trading hub of the world. Like Japan, it is a sea bound country along with Malaysia and Indonesia by its side.

Although it’s a business hub for its natural beauty, long beaches, and vibrant nightlife, Singapore is also considered a holiday destination. At the same time, it is a place for a lot of work opportunities.

According to the latest Singapore Tourism Analytic Network, about 13,610,404 people visited Singapore in 2023, which is a huge number.

To visit Singapore, you do need a visa, except for some countries and diplomatic passport holders. But the majority of the world population does need a visa.

As a secure country with strict laws and regulations, Singapore also has a very stern visa policy. Any misinformation, lack of information or documents, or breaking the visa application rules will end you with a visa rejection.

Fortunately, we at Singapore Visa Online have years of experience in Singapore eVisa application and processing. We have processed over 23k visas, and the rejection rate is low for us.

This is why we have come up with a checklist of dos and don’ts to avoid Singapore Visa Rejection. So, let’s get to it.

Common Singapore Visa Rejection Reasons

Singapore is a well-secured country for both tourists and businesses. This is why you will find a lot of organizations with headquarters in the country. To keep the country this way, the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA) has implemented strict rules and regulations.

Common Singapore Visa Rejection Reasons

Ignoring any of these will result in a visa rejection. It can be as simple as the wrong photo. Here is a list of reasons that commonly get your Singapore Visa rejected:

Passport Validity Is Less Than Required: Your passport validity should be at least six (6) months from the date you have arrived in Singapore. If it is less than six (6) months, your visa will get rejected.

Photograph Requirement Does Not Match: Singapore Immigration requires your face to be shown from all sides. This includes the visibility of your face from one ear to the other. You can check an example of how your photograph should be from here. Without the correct photo, you will not get your visa.

Visa Application Form Is Incomplete: If you leave out any required information in your visa application, then your visa will not get processed.

Wrong Details: Getting your passport number wrong will definitely end you with a visa rejection. Also, for some countries, having no cover letter or invitation letter will not get you a visa. It is also called a Letter of Introduction (For Indian Citizens), and it is addressed to the Singapore consulate.

Fraudulent Documents: Having forged certificates, credentials, passports, or employment letters is one of the most common reasons to get your visa rejected.

Flight Booking PNR: If you do not have your flight booking PNR (Passenger Name Record), you won’t get a visa to Singapore.

No Proof of Employment: Anyone applying for an employment visa in Singapore will need to show proof of employment (invitation letter from employer, employment contract). Missing this document is a no-go to getting a visa.

No Valid Address of Stay: Missing out on the address you will stay (hotel, relative, friends, Airbnb) will not get you a visa.

Unspecified Purpose of Visit: The purpose of the visit should always be stated. Leaving it empty will cause a rejection from the ICA.

These are the common reasons to get a visa rejection from the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoint Authority. This brings us to the next question: what is the rejection rate? Well, let’s talk about that a bit next.

Singapore Visa Rejection Rate

As we have mentioned, here are all the common reasons that might cause your Singapore visa to be rejected. There are also other reasons that the ICA does not disclose. So, due to their strict regulations, the ICA may reject any visa application if they find the slightest mistake.

Singapore Visa Rejection Rate

While this is very true for in-person (Embassy and Consulate) applications, but with our visa service, our approval rate stands at 98%.

This is due to the experienced visa personnel who double-check your visa application before processing it. If there is any error or any missing information, we get in touch with you and fix it right away.

So there is little room for your visa to get rejected when you apply for a Singapore eVisa. As we are talking about Singapore visas, you should know the types of visas Singapore has to offer. So, we should talk about them next.

Understanding Singapore Visa Types

Singapore is a diverse country with different cultures, traditions, and nationalities combined into one. A lot of foreigners come to work and do business here. Even foreign students can come to the country to study.

Understanding Singapore Visa Types

Most countries do not require a visa. But if you are from one of the countries where the ICA requires a visa, you will have to apply for it beforehand.

There are different short-term and long-term visas in Singapore. Here is a list of visas that Singapore has to offer for foreigners:

Short-Term Visa: Singapore offers Short-Term Visas to travelers who visit the country for social visits, family affairs, and tourism. You can spend your holidays or spend time with your families with it. You have to leave the country after your visa has expired.

Work Visa: A Work Visa or Work Pass is provided to people who intend to work in Singapore. It is mandatory for every foreigner to have a Work Pass before they come to the country. You need a valid employment letter from your employer to get your Work Pass. Without a work pass, it is illegal to work in Singapore, and you might end up with a fine, jail time, or deportation. The Ministry of Manpower provides this pass for foreign workers in the country.

Business Visa: A Business Visa is provided to individuals who want to attend business meetings and conferences and conduct business in the country. The validity depends on the type of visa you are applying for and the ICA regulations.

Student Visa: Foreign students who wish to study in Singapore are granted a Students Pass. This visa or pass will be granted after the successful validation of documents, courses, and educational institutions. The validity also depends on the course you are enrolled in.

Other Visa Types: There are also spouse visas, permanent resident visas, nonpermanent resident visas, dependent passes, and senior citizen visas in Singapore. Each of those has its different requirements and can be found on the Immigration and Checkpoint Authorities website.

The common requirements to apply for a Singapore visa are:

With all of this information and documents in order, you can apply for any of the visas mentioned above. But you might end up with a rejection. So you should keep a keen eye on the things you should do to avoid that. We have listed the things in the next section for your convenience.

Things to Do to Avoid Singapore Visa Rejection

Talking about traveling to a foreign country for important work, business, or holiday, you do not want to get disappointed with the visa. Singapore, having the most strict security in the world, will reject your visa if you do not have the proper documents and information.

Things to Do to Avoid Singapore Visa Rejection

So make sure you have these in order before you apply for your visa. The good news is you can always apply for a Singapore visa even if it gets rejected. But make sure you do not leave out any mistakes; as they say, learn from your mistakes.

As the ICA does not disclose why they have rejected a visa application, you can always seek professional help. We at SingaporeVisaOnline.sg have years of experience and have successfully completed over 2,3000 visa applications.

Leave us a message on our Contact page, and we can guide you through your process or check your visa application for you so that it does not get rejected. At the same time, pay close attention to the following details to ensure a swift visa application process.

Double Check Pre-Application Documents

Double-checking your luggage for a toothbrush and toothpaste is essential before your journey. The same goes for your passport validity, photo, visa application details, flight ticket booking, and hotel booking information.

Make sure all of these are in order before you start your application. If something is a miss, get it fixed and then proceed with the application.

Meeting Financial Requirements for Singapore Visa

Some visa applications require you to show proof of financial stability. This is in no sense to judge you in any way, but to ensure that you have the financial means to live in the country for the time of your visit.

So, if required, make sure you provide adequate information like a credit card or bank statement.

Addressing Employment and Certifications

People who are coming to Singapore to work should always remember to show their employment letters and certifications. This is a mandatory requirement for the Work Pass.

Not providing them might end you with a visa rejection, and you will be late for work eventually.

Explaining the Purpose of the Visit

Be it for holidays, family visits, work, business, or anything in between, clearly state your purpose of visit on your application. If the ICA requires additional documents to prove your claim, you should provide that, too.

It’s another brick to secure your wall, in this case, your visa. So don’t shy away. After all that, it all depends on the ICA. If it still gets rejected, we have a solution to that, too. That is up next.

How to appeal for Singapore visa rejection

As we mentioned earlier about being cautious when applying for a Singapore visa and how they are strict with their rules and regulations, the best way to appeal is only to reapply for your visa again.

Appeal for Singapore visa rejection

Yes, you heard it right: you can apply for a Singapore visa again if you get rejected. But make sure this time you get professional help and pay close attention to the information and documents.

This will lower the chance of rejection, and you will be on your way to Singapore in no time.


Preparation is key, be it for packing your bags, applying for your driver’s license, and, obviously, for your visa. Note down all the things you need to apply for your Singapore visa. Then, fill out the application form with caution.

In any case, if you are feeling unsure or have been rejected, make sure you ask for professional help. Because there are experienced visa officials working around the clock to ensure your visa application gets approved. So, better make the best out of it.

Have a safe journey!

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