Air Canada Introduces New Nonstop Flight Routes from Vancouver to Singapore

In a recent announcement, Air Canada introduced its nonstop flight from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Singapore Changi Airport. The flights have started operating from April 3rd of 2024.

Tamara Vrooman, YVR President and CEO, emphasized the nonstop flight route in her announcement, stating, “I am delighted that Air Canada has chosen YVR as the exclusive host for the only non-stop flight between Canada and Singapore”

Air Canada will fly four times weekly to and from Singapore Changi Airport. The route will generate $18 million, as mentioned by the YVR president and CEO. In return, it will create not only economic growth for both countries but also create job opportunities, increase trade relations with tourism, and connect dear and near ones.
The airline will operate on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 12:15 am. The arrival time at Changi Airport will be at 7:10 am the following day.

The strategic move of Air Canada will also influence travelers in Southeast Asia, Southern India, and Western Australia with their Star Alliance partner, Singapore Airlines. So travelers get the opportunity to transit and enjoy Singapore and catch a flight to YVR on any of the four days they want.

Furthermore, Air Canada uses the Boeing 787-9 airliner, which has a lot of room and innovative cabin air circulation technology. At the same time, the cabin also mimics day or nighttime conditions, making passengers feel more comfortable throughout their journey. The seating class includes Air Canada Signature class, Premium Economy, and Economy classes with their respective choice of meals, beverages, and wine.

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