The Peaceful Country in the World: Singapore Steps up the Ladder

Singapore has jumped from being number nine (9) on the Global Peace Index (GPI) to sixth (6th) position in 2023. It’s a three-step jump from last year’s ranking.

The GPI is calculated among 163 countries in the world with three main components, Social Safety and Security, Ongoing Domestic and International Conflict, and Militarisation.

The world has seen a decline in the Global Peace Index for the last few years. Each year it is droping by 0.42% globally. 79 countries have experienced this decline up until now.

Luckily 84 countries have seen significant improvements at the same time. Especially in the Asian Pacific region, the countries are looking at a 0.32% increase in peacefulness. Due to improved security and safety and less militarisation, the countries are getting a well-needed push upwards.

This means lesser violence, demonstrations and more funding on the way for UN peacekeeping efforts.

Singapore is the 6th on the peace ranking index while Iceland has kept its place as number one. Denmark, Ireland, and New Zealand follow the list afterward.

Singapore is also the most peaceful country in the Asia Pacific. This has been the same for quite some years now. The country has also experienced a rise in its GDP per capita standing at $466,788.43 million, which also plays a significant role in the peace index internally.

Sadly, the least peaceful countries are still, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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