STB Announces ‘Family Playdates: Made in Singapore’ Campaign for Indian Families

Singapore has always been a tourist destination, especially for Indian tourists. Because of its family-friendly atmosphere and cultural similarities, Indians prefer to visit the country.

As the number of tourists from the country has increased significantly, Singapore has taken joint initiatives to welcome them in a curated trip to the country.

The joint venture involves the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Singapore Airlines Group, Senstosa Development Corporation and Mandai Wildlife Group. The campaign named ‘Family Playdates: Made in Singapore’ aims to introduce families to a newer side of Singapore this summer.

It also includes special deals and exclusive experiences. Mandai Wildlife Group will offer a 50% discount on single-park child admission to four of their major wildlife park. Different offers are also included in Bird Paradise, Singapore Zoo, Ocean Network Express Penguin Cove, and River Wonders.

The breathtaking Sensorycape by Sentosa will offer exclusive viewing and experience for Indian tourists. Families can also enjoy Sentosas’s array of attractions like Universal Studios Singapore, Hyperdrive, Trickeye Museum, and Madame Tussauds Singapore.

For their journey to the country, Singapore Airlines is offering up to 25% discount on normal fares. This includes all classes, Economy, Premium Economy, and even Business Class bookings from across India.

Children under 12 will get an additional 25% off on their fare on Economy and Premium Economy bookings. Which is another plus for parents with kids.

Markus Tan, Regional Director at the Singapore Tourism Board, expressed excitement about inviting Indian families to experience Singapore’s magic through tailored offers and diverse attractions. Chew Tiong Heng, Divisional Director at Sentosa Development Corporation, extended a warm invitation to families to explore the newly launched Sensoryscape.

Singapore has also made the visa process for Indian tourists easier than before. You can apply for your Singapore Visa from India online. The Singapore eVisa also gets sent to you via email after it is approved, with your convenience of not visiting any embassy or consulate.

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