Do and Don’t in Singapore City – Basic Rules and Regulation

Singapore is a prime travel destination. Be it shopping, partying, sightseeing or just about anything, Singapore has much to offer. However, when you are planning a getaway, it is always important to know about the Do and Don’t of the place you are visiting.

Singapore is impeccably clean, with one of the lowest crime rates, among most countries over the world. It is safe for most tourists, ideal for a family vacation and has a super craze among kids.

Do and Don’t in Singapore City:

Below are the most important and Basic Rules and Regulation rules, which one should keep in mind, while traveling to Singapore:

  1. All visitors entering Singapore must carry a valid passport which doesn’t expire within 6 months from the date of entry. Every passenger is liable to pay a service charge at the airport of S$24 while flying in. Passengers on transit are exempted from the charge. Citizens from Commonwealth countries or holders of British and Irish passports are exempted visa for a vacation of about 2 weeks, which can further be extended. Anyone who loses their passport should first inform the nearest police station and then seek a temporary visa from immigration authorities, and only after that can they inform their respective embassies. It is an important Singapore City  Basic Rules and Regulation for all visitors to carry passport all along and it might also be required to show your passport for currency exchange.
  2. Singing on the road or performing ballad in public is completely prohibited. If the contents of the song are obscene one may be jailed for a period of three months or charged a fine and in some cases both.
  3. According to Singaporean law, it is illegal to connect to someone else’s personal Wi-Fi or hotspot without permission. It is termed as hacking and if found guilty you may need to pay a penalty of S$10,000 or can face a jail term of 3 years and even both.
  4. Most delightful activities of animal lovers, like feeding pigeons in a public place, is illegal in Singapore. If you are seen feeding your scraps to the birds, you might need to pay a fine of S$500.
  5. One of the most backward laws of this progressive country is related to homosexuality. The country has strict rules about same sex relationships. Indulging in PDA is a complete no. Though the rules aren’t quite defined, but it is termed against sex. The normal nature and people found guilty can be heavily penalized.
  6. Singapore’s civic authorities are quite strict with cleanliness. If you fail to flush your toilets properly after using, you may be levied some heavy duty fine. Most elevators in Singapore are enabled with urine detection sensors which set the alarm off when anyone urinates in an elevator. Singaporeans tolerate no nuisance.
  7. The governing bodies are extremely conscious about health and environment. Smoking in public places and public vehicles are strictly restricted. Any secondary damaged caused to others due to passive smoking is not tolerated. However, one is free to buy cigarettes and smoke in their own private zones. The penalty for smoking in public may be range between S$152 to S$760.
  8. Another weird rule of Singapore is that you can’t walk around your own house or space stark naked. If caught nude, you might be penalized and charged for pornography, which can result in jail terms and huge penalties. Make sure to close your curtains and keep your doors locked, while you shower and change clothes.
  9. Littering is a very offensive crime in Singapore. The civic authorities charge a penalty of S$300 if you are caught in the action for the very first time. However, if you have a record of subsequent littering of about three times, then you are made to clean the city, wearing an “I AM LITTERER” bib.
  10. Selling chewing gum is also prohibited in Singapore, partly because it creates nuisance and dirtiness if not disposed off. If you are caught bringing in chewing gums from abroad, you might be charged with smuggling, and get a jail term of 2 years or pay a penalty of about S$100,000. Carrying even 2 packets of a chewing gum is totally illegal, so crosscheck your bags before packing.
  11. Another nuisance people often commit is spitting. Spitting is completely banned in any public space, roads, alleys, vehicles, cafés, restaurants, malls or movie theaters in Singapore. If you are ever caught in the action, be ready to pay a penalty of S$1,000.
  12. Jaywalking or reckless crossing of streets is not allowed in Singapore. All pedestrians are required to cross the demarcated areas only and only cross the streets where marked and when you are given the signal.
  13. Singapore has very strict laws against vandalism which is completely illegal. Punishments for vandalism are not only imprisonment and heavy penalty, but can lead to multiple strokes of caning. Vandalism of both public and private estates, are completely prohibited. Any damage or destruction, any graffiti or doodles, any painting of any inappropriate messages is not allowed in Singapore. Thieving of public estate or removing anything without prior permission from the actual owner is not tolerated. You are not even allowed to put up any posters or signage, be it banners or placards or even flags.
  14. Singaporean laws are very strict about drugs consumption. The local police are always allowed to perform a narcotic test on citizens, foreigners, and travelers if they feel suspicious. It is completely illegal to consume drugs within the territory and borders. Be clear and stay safe, from any such issues. In the case of any discrepancy, there would not be any chance to escape.
  15. According to the new liquor laws, there are strict guidelines on alcohol consumption as well. Alcohol can’t be sold legally after 10:30 pm until next day 7 am. Drinking and consumption of alcohol is also banned from public areas after 10:30 pm. In spots like Geylang and Little India, public consumption of alcohol is totally banned in between 7 am Saturday morning till 7 am Sunday morning. Even on a public holiday, the ban is levied from 7 pm of the holiday till 7 am the next day. Retail stores along the area also come under the same rule. Anyone caught drinking beyond the allowed hours can be fined with S$10,000 and repeat offender can be imprisoned for about three months.
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