T100 Triathlon in Singapore

The PTO T100 Triathlon World Tour has started and is coming to Singapore this April. Top Triathletes and athletes in general will be there to take part in the World Tour series.

This time, the T100 is taking place in eight (8) cities and three (3) continents around the world. Just like in 2023, it is coming back to Singapore again. So, if you are a sports enthusiast, be it swimming, running, or cycling, get ready to witness it all over.

The uniqueness of the Triathlon is that you can take part in various sports in one tournament. This makes the sport more challenging, empowering, and adrenaline-rushing.

Today, we are going to talk all about the details, nooks and crannies of the T100 Triathlon happening in Singapore.

T100 Triathlon in Singapore - Date, Categories and Distances

The T100 Triathlon in Singapore is going to take place between April 13th and 14th. All the athletic events are dated on the 14th, keeping other dates for meetup and preparation.


Triathletes and athletes from all around the world will be present and taking part in the pro-athlete tournament. Women triathletes like Anne Haug, Ashleigh Gentle, and Taylor Knibb, along with men like Magnus Ditlev, Jason West, and Pieter Heemeryck, will be competing in it.

There will be three categories of races taking place. As a triathlon, it will be a combination of swimming, cycling, and then a run to the finish line.

All of the events will take place in The Float Marina Bay, including the marathon, swimming, cycling, and running events.

Categories and Distances for Participants

The Triathlon is divided into two sections. One is for the Pro Athletes, where they perform on the world tour.

The second section is for everyone who wants to participate. Anyone who wants to participate should be above 18 years of age on 31st December 2024.

Categories and Distances for Participants

There will be three main event categories in Singapore. All of these will take place between April 13th and April 14th, 2024. Here are the details about each of the events.

T100 Triathlon 100KM

The first category of the Triathlon is the T100 Triathlon 100KM. It takes place in the iconic Marina Bay.

The race starts with a swim at Marina Bay for 2 km. After that, you will have to cycle for 80 km. The biking will begin in the closed city circuit route and end at again at Marina Bay. The last section of the race is an 18km run.

T100 Triathlon 100KM

You will have the opportunity to take breaks on the bike race after each lap. There will be five such laps, and you can take a breath and hydrate yourself during this time.

Moreover, you can take a break in the run after each 4.5km lap.

Duathlon Standard

Anyone who is not a swimmer but a runner and cyclist can register in the Standard Duathlon. Why? Because the Duathlon Standard consists of two runs and one biking/cycling event.

Duathlon Standard

The 41km event is divided into three segments. First, you are going to run for a 4.5km lap around the iconic Singapore skyline.

When you are done with the first run, you have to compete in the cycling or biking event. This is the longest leg of the Duathlon, taking up a whole 32-kilometer bike ride. It’s divided into 2 laps, making each lap take up 16km.

After the bike race, you will have to run another 4.5km to finish the Duathlon.

Duathlon Long

If you are looking forward to a better challenge than the standard Duathlon, then the long Duathlon is for you.

While the standard Duathlon consists of 41km, the long Duathlon doubles it to 82km. Starting with a 9km run with laps after 4.5km, you will surely feel the adrenalin pumping inside.

After that, the biking starts. The circuit consists of a total of 64km and will have four laps of 16km each. Don’t worry, though; you will have a break after each lap to hydrate and catch your breath.

Duathlon Long

To end the long Duathlon, you will have another run of 9km with two laps. This wraps up the Long Duathlon.

That’s all about the races you can take part in. Aside from that, the pro athletes will compete in their own race.

The age group will be judged based on your age as of 31st December 2024. So, it is open for any athletes who are able to compete.

Only the swimming part requires you to show proof that you have competed in three open water swims with a distance of 1500m since January 2023. Also, your pace should be at least 2 min 30 sec per 100m.

Other than that, everything else is pretty much the same. You can get more information in the FAQ section of the Triathlon.

T100 Triathlon Registration Process and Fees

Let’s talk about the registration now. Before you can enter any of the three mentioned events, you have to register first.

The registration process is pretty simple. Anyone from anywhere around the world can register and can take part in the event. Open for all, remember?

T100 Triathlon Registration Process and Fees

Talking about from anywhere in the world, you do have to come to Singapore to attend the event. For that, you will need a visa. You can apply for a Singapore visa as quickly as five minutes. All it requires is your valid passport, a recently taken photo, your hotel booking, and flight ticket bookings. With all that, you can apply for your visa online. So, I plan on doing that right after the registration.

So, the T100 Triathlon registration process works in five simple steps. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Visit the T100 Triathlon registration form. You will get the first form, where you need to select the event you are going to enter. You can enter the event as an individual contestant or as a team.

Step 2: Right after selecting the race you are going to participate, you have to do the regular things. Enter your name, email address, and date of birth and proceed.

Step 3: Step 3 has the most information you have to fill out. All your address, country, contact numbers, triathlon contacts, emergency contacts, t-shirt size, if you were ever a member or participant in the Triathlon series, occupation, etc., are included here. If you do not have a
National Sports Federation Membership, you will have to pay a fee to get one from here. Make sure you read them carefully and select the options.

Step 4: While the Standard Duathlon and Long Duathlons don’t require any certification or proof, the T100 Triathlon does. As there is a swimming competition in the event, you have to show proof that you have finished at least a 1500m swimming course at 2min 30sec per 100m or less time. You have to provide the certificate. The option to upload later on is available, too. But you have to upload and agree to a waiver.

Step 5: In this step, you will have to agree to a Singapore T100 waiver. Make sure you read the waiver carefully and proceed to the next step.

Step 6: You will be shown all the racing events you have selected to register for in this step. Just like a shopping basket doing online shopping. If everything seems right, you can proceed to the next step and make the payment. Thats it!

You will get a confirmation mail along with your payment receipts. Make sure you save all the information so you don’t get into any inconvenience while visiting the Triathlon.

Also, you can team up with family and friends to take part in the Triathlon. Each group can have over 20 members or so. So it can be a fun family get-together.

Now that you are done with the registration, we should talk about the prizes and awards in the triathlon. Though, it’s more than a prize, it’s an achievement of a lifetime.

Prizes and Awards

PTO has its own category of prizes. The pro athletes competing in the Triathlon get points upon completing each race.

There is over $3 million in prize money for the athlete’s contract. Moreover, as the T100 Triathlon is going to happen in 8 events around the world, there is also event-specific prize money.

Triathlon Prizes and Awards

Each event will have a $250,000 prize pool that is equally divided among the male and female participants. This means there is a chance to win $2 million during the world tour.

Aside from that, there is a season-ending payout of $2 million distributed among the top performers. Remember we talked about the points earlier? This is where it comes in handy. Apart from winning races, the PTO also provides extra points depending on each athlete’s performance, behavior, and other categories.

Lastly, there is a $210,000 bonus for each gender champion. Which is huge, we have to say.

So, any participants in the Pro League should keep an eye out for the money.

Apart from that, regular participants get into the race with a bag full of goodies upon registration, which is also a good memory to keep.

A History of the T100 Triathlon and PTO

Although PTO started its Triathlon world tour in 2022 with the Canadian Open, they have been operating since 2020. From PTU to PTO, the sports organization is operated and founded by Pro Triathletes themselves.

The sole purpose of PTO is to celebrate the passion that Triathletes have for the sport, elevate sportsmanship, and secure a collective future for the sport.

T100 Triathlon and PTO

The organization consists of both male and female athletes, aiming for equal benefit and mutual understanding. Apart from the T100 Triathlon, there is also the Collins Cup, age group races, charitable initiatives, representing athletes, and anti-doping efforts.

To sum it up, it’s an organization that is solely dedicated to the sport and for the athlete’s wellbeing.

Participant Experience of the Singapore Triathlon

Singapore is known as a country for its culture and beauty. A Triathlon being held in Singapore is also an experience of a lifetime.

Participants have the opportunity not only to take part in the race but also to enjoy the surrounding atmosphere and the crowd in the country.

The age group winner of 2023, Sarah L, had this to say about the Singapore Triathlon:

“An electrifying atmosphere! The Marina Bay course is stunning, and the cheers from the crowd kept me going. Finishing the T100 was the most rewarding moment of my athletic career.”

Singapore Triathlon

Regular participants enjoy the race along with testing their limits. John M., a 2023 first-time participant, said,

“ The T100 pushed me further than I ever thought possible. But the sense of accomplishment at the finish line is unmatched.”

Each participant enjoys the Triathlon and, at the same time, push their boundaries. Although they are seasoned athletes or do their share of training, their endurance in the humid weather puts everything to the test.

This is why pro athletes suggest starting training early and constantly before taking part in the Triathlon. As each athlete is different from one another, finding the right training plan is crucial.

At the same time, incorporating strength training gives you core and leg strength to push through all the swimming, running and cycling activities.

Additionally, participating in Singapore is different from other locations. As the climate is humid, athletes are suggested to practice in a hotter environment so they can get accustomed to the weather.

In the End

The Singapore Triathlon is not only for seasoned Pro Athletes but for newcomers too. Amature sports enthusiasts can take part in the event as well as in age groups to enjoy the whole tournament.

As the event is yet to unfold, there is more to discover. The race circuits will be announced on the T100 Triathlon website. Depending on the routes, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Singapore along with your friends and family.

People who have always wanted to take part in a competition and love to visit Singapore can look forward to the triathlon. You can be a part of something spectacular that happens only once a year.

Apart from the sports event, there is also the after-event show. Bands and DJs from around the world, as well as famous local artists, will be performing on the event grounds. So you will be able to enjoy drinks, refreshments, and music at the same time.

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