Christmas in Singapore

Singapore, a country that combines several cultures and a tropical climate, has its unique way of celebrating the Christmas. As it is a hub of trade and tourism, people from all over the world visit the country, and during the Christmas season, tourism just boosts with lots of activities.

In 2019, the number of tourists visiting Singapore was 19.1 million. The numbers went down to 2.7 million in 2020 due to the pandemic issue. But in 2022, the number gradually started going up, marking 6.3 million tourists. This year (2023), Singapore is expecting an estimated number of around 12 million people.

Although there is no “Dashing through the snow, on a one-horse open sleigh” snowfall in Singapore, that doesn’t let the festivities of Christmas stop in any sense. Lights go up in the shopping malls; the streets are decorated with ornaments, lights, and trees. You will even find Christmas trees all over the country during this time.

What is more intriguing is that Singaporeans celebrate Christmas not only by looks but also from their heart. Having only 19% of the Christian population, the country gathers to celebrate this Merry occasion.

Apart from the malls and streets, restaurants, shops, and hotels also bring out a special menu consisting of traditional Christmas food and drinks. You will find roasted meat, turkey, obviously with a Singaporean twist, desserts, and so much more.

As there is a lot going on, we have come up with everything about Christmas in Singapore, including what the weather is like and what to do during Christmas. So grab your mint cones and dive into it.

Is Christmas a Holiday in Singapore?

The month of merry-making and sharing joy, December, comes with the Christmas holidays. In Singapore, it is a public holiday that is observed and celebrated by all.

People worldwide, regardless of their religious background, flock to the country to share and indulge in holidays. Friends and families come together, taking respite from their busy lives to celebrate the Yuletide spirit.

Orchard Road, usually synonymous with Singapore’s shopping fervor, turns into a radiant boulevard of festivity, its sidewalks echoing with the laughter of families and the harmonious strains of carols.

Do They Celebrate Christmas in Singapore

Though Christmas means a lot of snow, hot chocolate, and cold weather, Singapore, being a tropical country, does not have a snowy Christmas. This does not mean they do not celebrate Christmas.

Christianity is the second largest religion in Singapore, and they celebrate Christmas. That, too, is in full swing. With decorations all over the country, including shops, malls, streets, hotels, and restaurants, people observe the day as it is meant to be.

They exchange gifts, decorate their houses, and sing carols. Even the streets have performers from all over the country for musical concerts and performances.

In the realm of foods, there is obviously roasted turkey with chilly garlic as the Singaporean twist, along with veggies and other delicacies.

So yes, Singaporeans do celebrate Christmas, and in a unique way. If you want to have a one-of-a-kind experience or visit the country during this time, you should be prepared a little.

This is why we have gathered all the necessary information about it in the next section.

Preparing Your Trip for Christmas in Singapore

Preparation is the most important thing about any travel. And for Christmas, you will need to be a bit more prepared than usual. Even though it is Christmas, you have to keep in mind that there is no snow in Singapore. So you don’t have to go all snow boots and heavy coats on this one.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to be in the Christmas spirit, right? For that, you will need to know a little bit about the weather and the climate. Let’s talk about what to expect during the winter in Singapore.

Weather Considerations

Don’t you ever wonder why Christmas is all winter and snow, mud everywhere, and blizzards all over? Couldn’t it be pleasant, and you could roam around looking at the lights and enjoying the outside with friends?

If that crossed your mind even once, Singapore has the best Christmas for you. The weather throughout the month of December is a pleasant one. The temperature during the day goes up to 28°C (82°F)—great weather for outdoor activities, shopping, strolling, and exploring.

When the sun starts to set, the temperature drops down to a pleasant around 23°C (73°F). You don’t need to have a heavy jacket, or boots, or even the Christmas sweater you always disliked wearing.

You can be comfortable in a short-sleeved T-shirt or a light sweater. Mostly, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. And do all the things you always wanted, minus the freezing cold.

As the weather is out of the way, and you are already thinking of packing your bags, you have to think about the visa too! Yes, you do need a visa to enter Singapore! Especially during the rush of the Christmas season. You better know about it before you pack your bags.

Get a Singapore Visa Beforehand of the Season

Before you can even start to enjoy Christmas in Singapore, you have to enter the country. To do that, you will need a Singapore visa.

Luckily, the Singapore online visa application process is quite simple and easy as it is  applied via online. You just need your valid passport, a recently taken passport-size photograph, your flight booking (inbound and outbound), and your hotel booking information.

With all of these things in order, you have to fill out the online application. After the visa is approved, you will receive the visa in your email. There is no ‘let’s go to the office to pick the visa up’ involved.

You can start traveling right away after you have the  e-Visa printed out. Oh, you will also need an SG Arrival Card. So make sure you apply for that right after you get the Singapore eVisa.

While that’s done, you need a place to stay, right? It will be crowded in Singapore during this time, which is why you need to book a hotel or an Airbnb. Also, it is a key information required in the visa process. So, let’s talk about it next.

Accommodation Options and Booking in Advance

Singapore offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. From luxurious hotels and modern serviced apartments to charming boutique guesthouses and cozy hostels, there’s something for everyone.

You have to keep in mind that it is the Christmas season. So anyone who wants to enjoy a Christmas in tropical Singapore will be there. Better book your stay in advance rather than be sorry later.

Here are the options you can look into for a comfortable holiday during the merry season.


Singapore Ritz Carlton Hotel during the night

If you are in the mood to indulge yourself in the ultimate comfort and convenience, consider 5-star hotels like the Marina Bay Sands or The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore. Mid-range options like Parkroyal on Pickering or Holiday Inn Orchard Road offers great value.

Airbnbs and Serviced Apartments

Airbnbs and Serviced Apartments in Singapore

You might want a whole roasted turkey that you will cook yourself. And without an oven, you can’t do it. A hotel won’t cut on this one. Why not an independent Airbnb or an apartment for yourself? Oakwood Premier Serviced Apartments and Somerset Bencoolen Serviced Residence are popular choices. There are lots of options, sizes, and bedroom numbers to choose from. Pick the one that best fits your needs.

Boutique Guesthouses

Boutique Guesthouses in Singapore

Not everyone fancies a fully modern apartment. For all those who like to stay in historic houses or the aesthetics of having a cozy guest house, you can check out The Scarlet or The Club for your stay in Singapore. They have everything you need, and even some more.


Hostels in Singapore

We can’t leave the budget-friendly options behind. So, for all the solo backpackers out there, you can enjoy Singapore without breaking the bank. The Cube Loft, or Betel Hostel, is one of the most modern hostels in Singapore. They come with all the amenities and a very social atmosphere.

So, you have your place to stay now. But how are you going to go from Orchard Road to Marina Bay? Or the Gardens? Well, transportation, obviously. We need to guide you a bit about Singapore transportation, so let’s hop on to the metro.

Transportation During the Holiday Season

Singapore Transportation

You will not sit in your hotel or hostel all day long. You have to see the sights and Christmas decorations and feel the festive vibe. Most importantly, the aura of Christmas. Getting around Singapore during the bustling Christmas season can be a breeze with the city’s efficient and diverse transportation system.

Here’s a breakdown of your options:

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

The most convenient and affordable option, covering almost all major areas. Expect some crowding during peak hours and near festive events.


The public bus offers a wider network than the MRT, reaching smaller streets and neighborhoods. Consider using real-time bus arrival apps to avoid waiting.

Taxis and Ride-Hailing Services

Taxis and Ride-Hailing Services in Singapore

Convenient for door-to-door travel, but fares can surge during the holiday season. Booking in advance or using carpool options can be helpful. You can also hire timely private cars to take you all over Singapore. However, it will break the bank or sorts.

Singapore Tourist Pass

Singapore Tourist Pass

As a tourist, you can get the Singapore tourist pass. This offers unlimited travel on public transportation for a set period, a cost-effective option for frequent users.

So, we got our stay and ride secured. Let’s go see some sights in the city. Because that’s what we are here for!

Best Christmas Events in Singapore

Christmas in Singapore

Singapore puts up an enchantment of a Christmas with a dazzling array of festive events. The iconic Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay transforms the whole cityscape into a magical kingdom. Light sculptures, markets, ice skating, what is not there?

Orchard Road, on the other hand, comes with a themed decoration with a glittering paradise. It is also the best place for shoppers during this time.

We cannot but divide them into their individual segments to describe how vast and enormous they are. So we will start with the famous Orchard Road.

Orchard Road Christmas Light-up

Orchard Road Christmas Light-up

Orchard Road, Singapore’s shopping haven, erupts in Christmas magic! Millions of LEDs paint the streets vibrant, festive tunes dance in the wind, and dazzling arches spark wonder. Stroll hand-in-hand under the lights, watch children’s eyes sparkle. and let Christmas ignite your Singapore adventure!

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland

Unleash your inner child at Gardens by the Bay’s Christmas Wonderland! Supertrees tower above, adorned with millions of twinkling lights, creates a dazzling canopy over whimsical fairytale gardens.

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland

Festive music fills the air as carnival laughter erupts, inviting you to join the merriment. Explore enchanting pathways, marvel at illuminated sculptures, and lose yourself in the magic of Christmas.

Ion Sky Observation Deck

You want a panoramic view of all the Christmas decorations on Orchard Road? To do this, you will have to visit the Ion Sky Observation Deck. You will have a view like no other from two hundred eighteen (218) meters above the street. Witness the city transformed into a glittering wonderland, with vibrant lights stretching as far as the eye can see.

Ion Sky Observation Deck

Enjoy a unique perspective on the intricate decorations, escape the crowds, and soak in the romantic atmosphere.

Changi Festive Village

Changi Festive Village

Who doesn’t want a candy-coated wonderland? At Changi Festive Village, you can experience a -10°C Candy Snow House with ice sculptures and a luge, conquer the Candy Carnival’s games and rides, or grab a sweet treat from festive food trucks. Witness the city transform from a dazzling spectacle to a whimsical wonderland – all in one day!

A Universal Christmas

This magical event at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) runs from December 2nd to January 1st, 2024, transforming the park into a wonderland. Dazzling lights, snow-covered streets, and Christmas tunes fill the air. Meet beloved characters like Minions, Po from Kung Fu Panda, and Santa himself in their festive attire.

Universal Studios Christmas

Witness the dazzling Universal Christmas Parade, featuring vibrant floats and lively performers. Thrill rides get a festive makeover, and the park comes alive with special shows and delicious Christmas treats.

Smurfs’ Christmas Takeover at City Square Mall

Smurfs’ Christmas Takeover at City Square Mall

If you are a Smurf fan, you should not miss the City Square Mall. Hundreds of adorable Smurfs will be popping up around the mall, transforming it into a Smurf Village straight out of the beloved cartoon.

Snap Smurfy selfies with Papa Smurf and Smurfette, decorate your home with Smurfy Christmas goodies and even test your Smurf smarts in the Smurf Math Facebook contest for a chance to win a Nickelodeon goodie bag.

Christmas Wonderland

You just can’t miss Wonderland. Immerse in vibrant light displays, including the iconic Spalliera and mesmerizing Garden Rhapsody. Catch Blizzard Time’s magical snow, meet Santa himself, and conquer thrilling carnival games and rides.

Christmas Wonderland

For carnival thrills, Christmas Wonderland’s Frosty’s Fairground bursts with classic games and exciting rides, while Timezone Singapore offers arcade adventures for all ages.

Indulge in Christmas market delights and witness the spectacular Christmas Parade. It’s a wonderland of festive fun, marking ten years of yuletide magic!

Ice Magic

Well, there is no snow in Singapore, but there is ice! Dive into Ice Magic! The Winter Wonderland is where you can conquer the longest real snow slope in the city (98 meters!), glide on a whimsical ice merry-go-round, and zoom down the double-lane couple ice slide.

Ice Magic Singapore

Enchanting ice sculptures and live shows like the Elf Workshop and the Nutcracker on Ice add to the magic. Warm up with delicious treats at the Winter Food Village and even snap a photo with Santa!

Christmas on a Great Street

While enjoying the lights on Orchard Road, you cannot forget it’s a great shopping district. During Christmas, it transforms into a dazzling wonderland with “Christmas on a Great Street.”

Christmas on a Great Street

Catch the dazzling Universal Christmas Parade with its lively floats and performers, or get swept up in the magical snowfalls at Shaw House and Ngee Ann City.

Shopping gets merrier than ever, with special Christmas deals and festive treats popping up at every corner. Don’t miss the enchanting Great Christmas Village at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, brimming with festive stalls and entertainment.

Public Garden

If you are a fan of arts and nature, then check out the Public Garden during Christmas. Singapore’s independent creatives take center stage at the Public Garden Christmas Markets every Christmas! From December 1st to January 1st, four vibrant markets pop up across the city, each bursting with unique finds and festive cheer.

Public Garden Singapore

Hunt for one-of-a-kind treasures at Mistletoe Alley in Gardens by the Bay, browse handcrafted goodies at The Meadow or discover quirky designs at Dempsey Hill and The Guild..

A Christmas Oddysea

It’s incomplete without a water show while in Singapore. And at Christmas, it’s even more fun! The
underwater Christmas wonderland at Jewel Changi Airport’s. A Christmas Odyssea will put up a mesmerizing show from now till January. The Canopy Park transforms into a bioluminescent spectacle inspired by Avatar: The Way of Water.

A Christmas Oddysea

Dazzling light displays and projections paint the park in hues of blue, pink, and teal, creating an immersive journey through an enchanting seascape. Enter a shimmering cave tunnel and interact with playful dolphins, seals, and manta rays on interactive screens.

Witness the mesmerizing HSBC Rain Vortex Light & Sound Show, where vibrant visuals dance on the cascading waterfall.

Poinsettia Wishes – A Nordic Christmas Adventure

Are you a fan of Thor and Odin and everything Viking? Then you must step into a Viking-inspired wonderland at Gardens by the Bay’s Poinsettia Wishes – A Nordic Christmas Adventure!

This enchanting experience transports you to a magical world of snow-capped Nordic villages, shimmering fjords, and twinkling lights.

Poinsettia Wishes – A Nordic Christmas Adventure

Wander through charming fishermen’s cabins nestled amidst towering Christmas trees, all adorned with the vibrant red blooms of the poinsettia, a symbol of the season. Catch a glimpse of adorable trolls and friendly gnomes peeking out from hidden corners, adding a touch of whimsical charm.

Climb aboard the Viking longship for a breathtaking journey through a mesmerizing forest of illuminated trees, or embark on a thrilling quest to find the hidden treasures scattered throughout the village.

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie's Christmas Village

Chocolate lovers will be in heaven at the Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie’s Christmas Village! This festive haven, situated at 13 Dempsey Road, transforms the iconic chocolate shop into a magical world dripping with sugary delights.

Mr. Bucket Chocolateries Christmas Village

Wander through a winter wonderland of candy cane forests and gingerbread houses, all adorned with twinkling lights and festive cheer.

Indulge in sweet treats like freshly made chocolate bars, decadent bon bons, and seasonal specials like Peppermint Bark Blizzard ice cream. Snag unique Christmas gifts like handcrafted chocolates and festive hampers, perfect for your loved ones with a sweet tooth.

Participate in fun workshops like bean-to-bar chocolate making and create your own festive treats! Kids can join the Gingerbread House Decorating Fun and unleash their inner pastry chef. ‍

Ta Community Festive Market

Apart from the Singaporean culture and heritage, the Peranakan culture at the Ta Community Festive Market is one of the most unique experiences during the Christmas month! Held at Telok Ayer Green, this charming market bursts with festive cheer and authentic Peranakan delights.

Ta Community Festive Market

Wander through stalls overflowing with colorful handcrafted batik scarves, intricate beadwork jewelry, and traditional kueh (sweet snacks) in flavors like onde onde and pineapple tarts.

Catch captivating performances of traditional Peranakan dance and music, from the lively joget to the soulful kroncong. Fuel your holiday spirit with delicious Peranakan fare like nasi lemak, ayam buah keluak, and satay, all bursting with fragrant spices and vibrant flavors. It’s a heartwarming celebration of culture, community, and festive spirit!

Smiley World at Downtown East

Meet and greet your favorite Smiley World characters like Bing, Flop, and Pip, all dressed up in their Christmas best! Bounce around the festive bouncy castle, conquer the inflatable obstacle course, and zoom down the Merry-Go-Round Slide.

Smiley World at Downtown East

Catch the dazzling “Smiley World Christmas Show,” featuring energetic dance routines and heartwarming Christmas tunes. Indulge in delicious holiday treats at the Christmas market, and don’t forget to snap a photo with the giant Smiley World Christmas tree!

Whimsical Sea-Mas Water Park

This pop-up park is located at Sengkang Grand Mall. It transforms the mall into a sparkling seascape of festive fun.

Conquer the inflatable obstacle course, a vibrant playground of slides, tunnels, and climbing walls. Zoom through the LED-lit paddle boat experience, or take a whimsical sea creature boat ride.

Whimsical Sea-Mas Water Park

Challenge your friends at the inflatable hamster wheel or test your skills at the carnival games, where you can win sea-themed plushies! Grab your swimsuit and get ready for a splash-tastic Christmas adventure at Whimsical Sea-Mas Water Park.

Whimsical Enthrallment at Ion Orchard

This iconic mall transforms into a dazzling dreamscape, bursting with captivating displays and enchanting experiences. Towering above shoppers, the magnificent Louis Vuitton Holiday Tree, adorned with over 900 sparkling ornaments, steals the show.

Whimsical Enthrallment at Ion Orchard

Step inside its walk-in wonderland and be whisked away by a mesmerizing animated film created just for the season. Immerse yourself in the luminous glow of twinkling light displays, each a unique masterpiece of festive artistry.

Catch captivating live music performances throughout the month, from pop and jazz to classical melodies, filling the air with holiday cheer. Indulge in the spirit of giving with exclusive shopping deals and rewards. After all, it’s the holiday season, and you are entitled to do so.

Silent Disco: Christmas Moon

You might have experienced dancing at a party or a concert, but have you ever experienced a silent disco? Groove under the stars this Christmas with Silent Disco: Christmas Moon! At the scenic Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, this unique event offers a silent party experience under the glittering city lights.

Silent Disco

Slip on your wireless headphones and choose your vibe: green channel for festive classics, red channel for electrifying EDM, or blue channel for top 40 hits. Dance the night away with fellow silent disco enthusiasts, surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of Singapore’s skyline. As the moon rises and the city twinkles, you’ll experience a truly magical Christmas celebration.

Churches and Religious Celebrations

Christmas is a bit empty without visiting a Church. Not only for religious reasons but for the majestic nature of the buildings, you get a sense of peace, love, and festivity from inside. From the majestic hymns of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore’s oldest Anglican church, to the joyous Midnight Mass celebrations in Catholic churches across the island, Christmas in Singapore’s diverse religious landscape offers a captivating blend of faith and festivity.

Churches and Religious Celebrations in Singapore during Christmas

Zion Church, a vibrant Methodist church, takes the Christmas spirit to a whole new level with its lively Christmas musical featuring local talent and pulsating performances.

But Christmas in Singapore isn’t just about carols and nativity plays. Communities like the Tamil Christian community celebrate “Christmas Nal” with special prayers, traditional dishes like appams and chicken curry, and a vibrant cultural exchange.

All that roaming around and looking at sights would make you hungry. Well, that’s why we have the food scene next!

Indulging in Festive Dining and Cuisine

Dive into Singapore’s Christmas feast with a symphony of flavors! From traditional roasts like roast turkey with all the trimmings to Michelin-starred Artichoke’s Wagyu beef Wellington with foie gras and truffle sauce, your tastebuds will be dancing.

Also, get a modern Asian twist at places with their festive menu. Or tantalize your palate with ayam buah keluak and onde onde.

Here are the must-try items during the Christmas season in Singapore.

Traditional Christmas Meals at Hotels and Restaurants

Singapore’s Christmas culinary scene is as vibrant as its celebration. The dazzling array of festive flavors, with hotels and restaurants pulling out all the stops to create truly memorable meals. There is also a secret: all of the hotels and restaurants have a special Christmas menu. So let’s look at the options you can warm your taste buds with:

Step back in time with the “Raffles Christmas Feast” at The Empress. It’s one of the iconic restaurants of Raffles Hotel.

Picture a luxurious setting, complete with live carolers and the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread. Indulge in a traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings – think fluffy Yorkshire pudding, creamy mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce.

For a truly epic Christmas spread, head to CE LA VI on the 57th floor. Their five-course “Festive Feast” is a global culinary journey featuring highlights like a decadent roasted goose with foie gras stuffing, a creamy pumpkin risotto with truffle shavings, and a refreshing yuzu sorbet to cleanse the palate. End the night on a sweet note with their signature Christmas log cake, a symphony of chocolate and berries. And it’s situated in Marina Bay Sands.

The Fullerton Hotel offers a variety of Christmas dining options, each with its own distinct charm. At The Clifford Pier, savor stunning waterfront views alongside classics like roast turkey, honey-glazed ham, and a selection of seafood specialties.

Would you prefer something more intimate? The Post Bar offers a cozy setting with a four-course Christmas menu featuring roasted duck with orange sauce, black cod with truffle mash, and a decadent chocolate mousse for dessert.

Local Food Establishments Offering Christmas Specials

You just cannot stay with the traditional Christmas flavors while in Singapore. Even if it is once, you must try the local foods they prepare during the festive season.

Singapore’s local food scene gets a festive twist this Christmas, with beloved establishments offering special menus that blend tradition with local flair.

Here are some must-try places to eat in Singapore at the holidays:

Local Food Offering Christmas Specials

The iconic Peranakan restaurant Violet Onn Singapore is a treasure trove of heritage flavors, and Christmas is no exception. Dive into a special “Christmas at Violet Oon” menu featuring dishes like Ayam Pongteh with Christmas stuffing, a delightful twist on the classic Peranakan chicken dish. Don’t miss the fragrant Beef Rendang Pie, perfect for sharing with loved ones.

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Botanic Gardens, The Halia offers a tranquil escape with its Christmas-inspired “Nyonya Christmas” menu. Savor festive renditions of local favorites like Babi Assam with pineapple glaze and a delightful Onde Onde Cake with gula Melaka cream.

Try out the modern Asian bistro that puts a contemporary spin on Christmas classics. Wild Rockets “Festive Flavors” menu features dishes like a succulent Lamb Shank Rendang with star anise and cinnamon, offering a warming twist on the traditional Christmas roast. For a unique twist on dessert, try their Pandan Panna Cotta with mango compote – a refreshing and tropical take on the classic Christmas pudding.

We cannot forget about one another thing that makes Christmas so loving and anticipating. That is the Christmas gift. Let’s talk about them and where you can buy them in Singapore is next.

Best Place to Buy Christmas Gifts in Singapore

The Christmas spirit isn’t just twinkling lights and festive cheer in Singapore; it’s a shopping paradise overflowing with unique gift ideas for every taste and budget. From quirky boutique treasures to iconic department store extravaganzas, where do you navigate this glittering maze to find the perfect present?

So, let’s not waste any more time and discover the hidden gems, festive markets, and shopping havens that will make your Christmas gift legendary. It will leave your loved ones smiling ear to ear (and maybe even shed a happy tear!). So, grab your shopping bags and get ready to unlock Singapore’s best-kept Christmas gifting secrets! 

Orchard Road

Singapore’s iconic shopping district, Orchard Road, transforms into a dazzling wonderland during Christmas, and its gift potential explodes! You can buy brand clothing, gems, LEGO, and sweet treats here.

TANGS from Orchard Road

Immerse yourself in a festive frenzy at TANGS, where limited-edition Christmas sets and international brands collide. Explore Takashimaya’s “Christmas Market” for handcrafted ornaments and quirky finds, or lose yourself in the beauty bonanza at Sephora, brimming with gift-worthy sets and sparkling surprises.

Escape the mainstream and dive into the charming boutiques lining Orchard Road’s side streets. Find one-of-a-kind jewelry at The Gem Shop, quirky homeware at Zest & Zing, or personalized leather goods at Ehkay Corner Tailors – a gift guaranteed to be cherished.

louis vutton showroom in orchard road

Indulge in luxury at Ion Orchard, where the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci unveil their festive collections. Don’t miss the pop-up festive markets, where local designers showcase their unique creations – perfect for the discerning collector.

lego showroom in orchard road

Orchard Road isn’t just for adults! Head to the LEGO® store for imaginative sets that spark joy, or browse the shelves of MPH Bookstores for enchanting children’s books that fuel their festive spirit.

Lastly, no Christmas shopping trip is complete without indulging your sweet tooth. Pick up artisanal chocolates at Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie, or grab a box of festive macarons from Lady M – a delightful treat for anyone with a sugar craving.

Haji Lane and Arab Street

When you are done with Orchard Road, dive into the bohemian charm of Haji Lane and Arab Street! Here’s where Christmas shopping gets a dose of artistic soul and cultural flair.

Haji Lane is a haven for vintage gems. Uncover unique jewelry at Haengbok Supplies, browse quirky clothing finds at Kilo Kitchen, or discover retro delights at Spoilmarket – each piece whispering stories of bygone eras.

haji lane during the daytime market

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of independent artists. Find stunning batik scarves at Basharahil House of Batik, pick up whimsical ceramics at The Guild, or personalize leather bags at The Leather Craftsman – each item imbued with the passion of its maker.

A gift that adds a touch of personality to any space? Arab Street brims with inspiration. Wander through the labyrinthine alleys, uncovering intricate tapestry cushions at Al-Azhar, unique homeware at The Brass Gallery, or fragrant candles at The Scented Owl – each piece adding a touch of exotic charm.

Foodie friends will be in seventh heaven at Arab Street. Pick up authentic spice blends at Al-Mustafa, explore gourmet teas at Teavolution, or grab a jar of homemade sambal at Rumah Baba – a taste of Singapore they’ll savor long after Christmas.


Singapore’s Chinatown is a sensory feast any time of year, but during Christmas, it transforms into a dazzling wonderland of festive cheer and unique gift-giving opportunities. Forget cookie-cutter malls and predictable chains; get your nose deep into the treasure hunt in Chinatown.

Chinatown street market with Christmas lights

The vibrant tapestry of stalls in the Chinatown Street market is your one-stop shop for traditional delights. Find lucky red envelopes for gifting cash, intricate paper cuttings for festive decorations, and auspicious lucky charms for your loved ones.


For tea lovers, we’ve got you covered. Steeped in tradition, Tea Chapter offers a curated selection of premium teas and teaware. Choose from fragrant oolong blends, delicate floral teas, and beautifully crafted teapots and mugs – perfect for the tea aficionado in your life.

Celebrate the season with a touch of sparkle. On Cheong Jewellery boasts a dazzling array of gold and jade pieces, from delicate pendants to intricate bracelets, each symbolizing good luck and prosperity.

Tintin-themed goodies in Chinatown

Relive childhood adventures and ignite imaginations with Tintin-themed goodies! From figurines and puzzles to graphic novels and stationery, this charming shop offers gifts that will transport any Tintin fan back to their favorite comic book moments.

Give the gift of self-care with luxurious lacquerware from House of Zhen. Hand-painted jewelry boxes, delicate tea trays, and ornate photo frames are not just beautiful but also imbued with auspicious symbolism, making them a truly special present.

Little India

Why not put some Bollywood twist to your Christmas? Some color, spices, and everything nice won’t hurt but put the mood on. The vibrant tapestry of Little India will open the world to unique gifts, vibrant colors, and festive cheer infused with Diwali’s dazzling spirit.

Little India in Singapore

The bustling Tekka Center is a textile haven with a kaleidoscope of fabrics begging to be transformed into gifts. Find silk scarves in every imaginable color, intricately embroidered cushion covers, and yards of sari material perfect for the sewing enthusiast in your life.

Step into a wonderland of shimmering saris, lehengas, and kurtas. From traditional silk weaves to modern fusion designs, Komal’s offers exquisite pieces that will make any fashionista swoon.

Indian gold bangles in Singapore

Add a touch of sparkle to your gifts with exquisite jewelry from Kasturi’s. Gold bangles, delicate silver earrings, and vibrantly colored gemstone pendants are just a few of the treasures waiting to be discovered.

Indulge in the culinary heart of Little India and pick up a jar of their famous curry paste – a gift that will tantalize taste buds and ignite memories of festive feasts. For your information, Muthu’s Curry has been in the market for a long time.

indian sweets in singapore

Satisfy sweet cravings with traditional Indian treats like melt-in-your-mouth jalebis, syrupy gulab jamuns, and delicately crafted barfis. These delectable delights are the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer with a touch of Indian sweetness and can be found in Ananda Bhavan Sweets & Savouries.


So there you have it, folks! These are the festivities you will not miss this Christmas while in Singapore. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper seeking unique treasures or a holiday wanderer eager to soak up the vibrant spirit, Singapore has something for everyone. From dazzling lights to delicious feasts, from cultural encounters to whimsical experiences, let the city’s magic paint a smile on your face and warm your heart. So, pack your bags, grab your loved ones, and get ready to experience a Christmas in Singapore unlike any other country. Make every journey count, do things you would have never done, and try a new dish, a new cultural item, or a gift. It’s Christmas, after all!

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Singapore is the skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, gardens, and cleanliness. This is all true, but there ...

Find cheap flights from Kazakhstan to Singapore

It’s essential to save money when traveling, especially when visiting a cool place like Singapore. It’s not just about the money you save, but about ...
Dos and Donts

Do’s and Don’ts in Singapore – A Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Tour

Traveling to a new country always comes with a lot of preparations. This includes the requirements (passport, visa, flight ticket booking, hotel booking) and mental ...

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