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Travelling in Singapore entices you to see a lot and be a part of numerous activities. There is so much to do that tourists simply want to make the most of a vacation. However, the finances are definitely one of the areas of concern. It is important to know how much a man requires to travel Singapore, in a day and on an average. It is an essential requirement to neatly plan out the probably expenses and requirements, so that the traveller can easily stay on budget and make the most of his trip. In this article, we will discuss the average cost of spending daily cost in Singapore.

Accommodation Cost

Even though Singapore is by far one of the best tourist destinations in the world, the cost of accommodation is always a bit on the higher side at the City state. However, that again is a very relative term, as most hotels and restaurants in Singapore are luxurious and expensive, there are pocket friendly accommodations available as well. While a stay at the Raffles Singapore or Resorts World, Sentosa would cost you about $860 to $1435 per day, an affordable stay at a three-star hotel would cost you somewhere between $85 to $150. For more pocket friendly options, you can avail the hostel or dorm stays, and the charges for that would range from $15 to $45 per person.


Much like the luxurious hotels in Singapore, there are luxurious options of dining out in Singapore are in abundance. While a meal at the Shoukokuwa Restaurant, which is a 2 Michelin Star Restaurant, costs you about $250 for a select 18 course menu meal, a meal at any local restaurant or roadside stall will cost you about $12. You can avail a rice and chicken meal or South Indian meal at that price.

Transport Expenses

Singapore is well connected by buses, trains and if nothing helps, the good old metered Taxi is always there. Bus fares to travel all around Singapore, or at least cover the important tourist locations would cost you about $25 to $35. Train fares to travel around the city, or to travel the distance from the Mainland to Rural Singapore will cost you about $45. However, when it comes to the metered taxi, it may seem a bit expensive. A 30 minute taxi ride may cost you about $25 to $30. Singapore is a city which is very well connected by public transport and a cab option may not be necessary.


Activities such as visiting the Universal Studios, Singapore, which has a ticket price of $125 (approx), are among the most expensive ones. However, a ticket for the Singapore Flyer would cost you about $35 for an adult. The ticket prices for a visit to the Singapore Zoo would also cost $35 for an adult and the charges for a Night Safari would cost about $50. Therefore, it can be assumed that about $30 to $100 would be required for 1 day’s activity in Singapore.

Singapore, the city-state has a lot to offer, the culture, the vibrant and colourful festivals, the tech-savvy modern city – from the sky-scrapers to the lush green parks, from the varied nocturnal activities to the serene beaches. Singapore has it all. You may be able to have a comfortable vacation in Singapore, for about 3 to 4 days, and sustain within a budget of $525.So the daily cost in Singapore will be $131.25.The same stands for the tourist who wishes to visit Singapore and wants to stay within a low budget. . On the other hand, a luxurious vacation would cost you about $3160 for the same duration to enjoy almost everything that Singapore has to offer.A luxurious vacation will take daily cost in Singapore $790.

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